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Bottomless Dungeon Banner.jpg

Bottomless Dungeon.jpg

Introduced in Update 4.6 to replace the Clockwork Dungeon, the Bottomless Dungeon is a structure found on the northwest side of Tycoon Island. It can be accessed directly or through the Bottomless Dungeon Button.png button on the bottom left-hand corner of either the Main Map or the Campaign Map screen. It can first be accessed after reaching Level 16.

Pressing the Bottomless Dungeon Button.png button will take the Trainer to the Dungeon foyer. Here the Trainer will see the (rounded) time left until the Dungeon resets in the top left corner, the ? Button.png and Cancel Button.png buttons in the top right corner, and several window panes representing different features of the dungeon.

Each iteration of the Bottomless Dungeon lasts 7 days and resets on Mondays at 12:00 UTC.

The Bottomless Dungeon is run and owned by Otto the Dungeon Master.

Dungeon Introduction/Tutorial Video

Click the CC icon to view captions and click Settings > Subtitles > Autotranslate for languages. *Please keep in mind that video information may not be up-to-date.*

Inside the Dungeon

Dungeon Window Pane.png

The Dungeon pane displays the current number of stepping stones the Trainer has at the top and can be clicked to explore the Dungeon Map. The Dungeon Map screen will also display the time left until the Dungeon resets as well as the current number of Stepping Stones and Dungeon Tokens the Trainer has. The Dungeon Map features a main path leading to the bottomless purple chest and many side paths which lead to various other chests. The cost of moving about the map requires Stepping Stones and will become more expensive the further the Trainer progresses on the map.

Four kinds of chests can be found on the map. The value of the rewards depends upon the rarity of the chest opened and will increase with the rarity of the chest. The small red chests, medium green chests, and large blue chests can each be opened only once by using the number of Stepping Stones indicated upon reaching them. The purple chest is the most valuable chest and can be found at the end of the map. This chest can be opened unlimited times and opening this chest a certain number of times will award the Bottomless Dungeon Guaranteed Dragon.

All chests contain 3 random items, from which the Trainer can choose one. The chests contain mainly Dungeon Tokens, but also include time-limited dragons, Stepping Stones and other valuable rewards. The Dragon rewards coming from chests change on a weekly basis.

Stepping Stones should be spent before the end of an iteration as they do not roll over from one event to the next. Any remaining Stepping Stones will be lost at the end of the event. The Dungeon Tokens on the other hand stay in posession of the Trainer and get collected.


Tasks Window Pane.png

The tasks pane displays the Trainers active tasks along with the number of stepping stones to be awarded for the completion of each task. During a Brawl, the tasks pane can be brought up by pressing the Brawl Task Button.png button in the lower right-hand side of the screen. Tasks will increase in value and difficulty throughout the Brawl. The progress made on tasks will not reset at the end of each Brawl but carry over to the next one. The Stepping Stones awarded from these tasks can be used to move about the Dungeon Map.

The task Defeat Next Dragon is always present and active, whereas the other tasks change randomly.

Dragon Brawl

Start Brawl Window Pane.png

Restart-Continue Brawling Window Pane.png

Restart Wait-No Continue Brawling Window Pane.png

Earn Stepping Stones in Infinite Dragon Brawls by defeating opponent dragons and completing combat challenges. The goal of the Dragon Brawl is to keep fighting for as long as possible to collect as many Stepping Stones as possible. Stepping Stones are awarded after each defeat of an opposing Dragon and after completing combat challenges (the more Dragons that are defeated, the more Stepping Stones will be rewarded).

In a Dragon Brawl, the Trainer will face endless waves of opponent dragons. The Trainer's 9 strongest dragons (up to 12, depending on VIP Level) are automatically selected for their Dungeon Fighter team while the opponent has an endless supply of Dragons. Once battle ensues, any opposing Dragons that are defeated will immediately be replaced by a stronger Dragon. There is no cap to the level of opposing Dragons. Therefore, the power level of opponent dragons scale from the power level of the Trainer's weakest dragons to the strongest ones and can continue to rise beyond that, until the Trainer can go no further. When a battling Dragon on the Trainer's team is defeated, it can be replaced immediately with any remaining Dragon from the Trainer's Dungeon Fighter team. The Trainer can select their Dragons in any order they wish. The battle will continue until all of the Trainer's Dragons have been defeated or the Trainer decides to end the battle. During the Brawl, the Trainer can complete the Brawl Tasks for additional Stepping Stones, which continue in the next Brawl without a reset.

The Brawl can be paused and left at any time by clicking II Leave Battle, where the Trainer can choose on the dialog between Leave and
continue later
(allowing the Brawl to be paused and then resumed at a later time), or Restart Brawl (ending the Brawl).

Once a Dragon Brawl is ended, a new one can be started after waiting for the allotted cooldown period of 6 hours. All Dragons will be fully healed and the power level of the opposing Dragons will reset.

Fight Bonus

Fight Bonus Window Pane.png

Dungeon Shop Window Pane.png

Every time an opponent Dragon is knocked out the Knock Out Meter is increased. Reaching KO Milestones is rewarded with Fight Bonuses. These come into action when the next Brawl is started and get applied to all the Trainer's dragons.

Dungeon Shop

The Dungeon Shop contains Dragons, decorations, and special offers that can be purchased with Yellow Dungeon Tokens. Regular Dungeon Dragons can only be bought after their highest Element has been unlocked.

Dungeon Maps

Map 1

Bottomless Dungeon Map - 1.jpg Bottomless Dungeon Map - 1.1.jpg

Map 2

Bottomless Dungeon Map - 2.jpg


Dragon Name Cost Elements Type
Jadeite Dragon

Jadeite Dragon.png

2,000 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Metal Plant Rare
Kitsune Dragon

Kitsune Dragon.png

3,450 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Water Earth Plant Epic
Monk Dragon

Monk Dragon.png

3,550 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Wind Void Fire Epic
Budding Dragon

Budding Dragon.png

5,900 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Energy Shadow Plant Epic
Lightwing Dragon

Lightwing Dragon.png

6,100 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Light Void Metal Epic
Snow Ghost Dragon

Snow Ghost Dragon.png

10,000 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Legendary Unknown Unknown Legendary


Decoration Name Cost Size
Sword Sculpture

Decoration - Sword Sculpture.png

50 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Small
Two Sides to Battle

Decoration - Two Sides to Battle.png

50 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Elemental Energy

Decoration - Elemental Energy.png

75 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Whoo's Tombstone

Decoration - Whoo's Tombstone.png

125 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Twinkling Shrub

Decoration - Twinkling Shrub.png

150 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Ornamented Shrub

Decoration - Ornamented Shrub.png

175 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Copper Cube

Decoration - Copper Cube.png

200 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Small
Emerald Chunk

Decoration - Emerald Chunk.png

200 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Small

Decoration - Boiler.png

250 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium

Decoration - Turbine.png

200 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Dragon Dryer

Decoration - Dragon Dryer.png

200 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium

Decoration - Pipe-o-meter.png

250 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Wind-Power Dungeon Battery

Decoration - Wind-Power Dungeon Battery.png

300 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium
Dungeon Vent

Decoration - Dungeon Vent.png

300 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Medium

Decoration - Refinery.png

400 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Large
Machine Tower

Decoration - Machine Tower.png

400 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Large
Dungeon Aerator

Decoration - Dungeon Aerator.png

400 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Large
Wind Machine

Decoration - Wind Machine.png

400 Yellow Dungeon Token Icon.png Large

Noteworthy Changes