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Life Steal

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Life Steal Icon.png

Life Steal can be learned by all Dragons with the Void Element. It is an active offensive skill that inflicts leeching damage.

The amount of health regenerated by Life Steal is affected by Dark Clouds, Shade of Oneself, Wisdom of the Ancients, Element resistance and weakness. This amount can not exceed the target's current health.

Level 1-5[edit]

Heals caster by x HP

Skill effectiveness is based on caster's Dragon's Attack Strength (DAS)

  • Level 1: Heals caster by 35% DAS HP
    • 2 Scrolls, 75,000 Gold, 2 minutes
  • Level 2: Heals caster by 45% DAS HP
    • 4 Scrolls, 240,000 Gold, 10 minutes
  • Level 3: Heals caster by 55% DAS HP
    • 8 Scrolls, 525,000 Gold, 1 hour
  • Level 4: Heals caster by 65% DAS HP
    • 10 Scrolls, 1,200,000 Gold, 3 hours
  • Level 5: Heals caster by 75% DAS HP
    • 12 Scrolls, 2,100,000 Gold, 6 hours

Level 6[edit]

Heals caster by 85% DAS HP and the trained secondary effect occurs:

  • Pay it Forward - Hitting a target heals the caster and its allies by 30% DAS HP
  • Dark Ritual - When a target with a positive effect is hit, using this skill will transfer the oldest effect to the caster where it lasts for the effect's remaining time, but not more than two rounds.
    • 15 Scrolls, 4,400,000 Gold, 12 hours

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