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Breeding Calculator

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Below is information related to the Breeding Calculators and the links to them.

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Calculator 1 Notes

DML Breeding Calculator.jpg

Currently, the Breeding Calculator located at DML Planner is regularly maintained and up to date. In addition to a breeding calculator, the site also provides several other features including but not limited to: a Team Planner, a Dragons/My Dragons tracking feature, Enchantment Materials calculator and converter, and several other planning and calculating features for food, gold, temples etc.

  • Reverse calculator function
  • Optimized for mobile use
  • Option to keep track of the Dragons you already have
  • Option to search Dragons by Elements
  • Other side calculators
  • Generates permalinks for any selected combination

Developer: toomas


Calculator 1

Calculator 2 Notes

  • Reverse calculator function
  • Optimized for mobile use
  • Odds and expectations
  • Side outcomes when used in reverse

Developer: Josephseeley


Known Errors

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