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Clan Dragons

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Introduced in Update 2.6, Clan Dragons can only be obtained and owned by Clans. The Card Packs for Clan Dragons can only be obtained from The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege events. Pieces are obtained by a Clan only if it reaches a certain minimum score and positions itself in the Top 7. A full set of matching Dragon Pieces must be acquired and then a preset number of hatchings done by the Clan to obtain each Dragon. These Dragons only reside in the Clan Fortress and can wield special powers Clan Dragon Power Icon.png for a limited time.

Starting with the introduction of these Dragons, Clans are required to own one of them to participate in Clan Events. This means that the required number of hatchings for Chip (which are automatically available to hatch) must be completed before a Clan can participate in any Clan Event.

Dragon Rarity Pieces Eggs Hatch Time Effect Cost Duration Cooldown
Chip Uncommon (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png Free Clan Dragons Card Back - Uncommon.png 50 1 hour Boosts Gold production by 15% 500 Clan Coins Icon.png or 1 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png 2 hours 24 hours
Ruptia Rare (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png   2 Clan Dragons Card Back - Rare.png 100 5 hours Reduces active hatching time by 60 minutes 750 Clan Coins Icon.png Instant
Striker   5 Clan Dragons Card Back - Rare.png 250 Increases first-strike damage by 50% for one Dragon in battle 4 hours
Gravelis Epic (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png   8 Clan Dragons Card Back - Epic.png 400 6 hours Protects a Dragon from the first hit in battle 1,250 Clan Coins Icon.png
Amoura 14 Clan Dragons Card Back - Epic.png 700 Reduces active breeding time by 60 minutes Instant
Brimstone Legendary (classification) Large Cornered Icon.png 20 Clan Dragons Card Back - Legendary.png 1,000 7 hours Awards 1 Gem 2,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
Kutter 1,200 Skips Clan Quests refresh timer 1,000 Clan Coins Icon.png
Boone 1,500 Gives random rewards 1,250 Clan Coins Icon.png

Important Icon.png Clan Dragons do not have entries in the Dragon Codex.

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