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Arcade Events

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Arcade Event.png

Introduced in Update 2.9, Arcade Events are limited-time competitions in which Trainers reach individual milestones and compete against each other through offering various items to their Dragons in order to earn points. These items are received through one to three different tubes which must be refilled through a specific currency. There are four Dragons that appear on the screen, each requesting three items, and the items given to them all need to match those that that particular Dragon wants. The points obtained from giving items to Dragons are added to the Trainer's score. Each one satisfied Dragon is equal to one point.

If the Trainer does not have matching items for any of the Dragons, they can choose to trash all Trash All Button.png of them, an action that is free of charge, but will empty all the tubes and need to be refilled again. The tubes must also be refilled after all items provided by them were used up. Each tube is able to give items only it is completely empty and each tube will give three items at once. Once a Dragon has received all the requested items, a new Dragon will appear. The Trainer can also choose to swap any of the current Dragons with another through the Refresh Button.png button. Refreshing is free and will take 60 minutes.

The Trainers are randomly placed in groups of 100 where the top Trainer(s) will receive the main prize of the event. A minimum score is needed to qualify for the grand prize, namely the leaderboard prize.