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See the Table of Dragons for all the available breeding times and the Breeding Den for the breeding options

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Breeding is the main way to obtain Dragons. Breeding is done by pairing two adult Dragons (Level 4 or higher) in the Breeding Den, the only place where Dragons can breed. The amount of time it will take to breed a Dragon is determined by the Elements and type of the two Dragons being bred together and the Dragon which will be produced from that breeding. Usually, the longer the time it takes to breed, the rarer the Dragon will be. Dragons with more advanced Elements and a higher rarity will take more time to breed and incubate. Breeding times can vary from 30 seconds for a Fire Dragon to 4 days for a Divine Dragon and are affected by the VIP Status.

Breeding Basics[edit]

Breeding Basics.png
  • Dragons must reach Level 4 before they can breed.
  • Each parent will pass at least one of their Elements to their offspring (unless exceptions occur).
  • The classification of a Dragon does not affect the breeding outcome.
  • Breeding lower-level Dragons typically produces lower-rarity offspring.
  • Breeding higher-level Dragons typically produces higher-rarity offspring.

Dragons that can be be bred at all times will always be found in the Main Shop. Some Dragons are not normally obtained through standard breeding. They may be awarded through events or a variety of other methods, or be offered for limited-time breeding, as in the case of the Dragon of the Week and the Dragon of the Month. Additionally, Chronos, Boss Dragons and Clan Dragons can not be obtained through breeding.

Breeding Principles[edit]

Breeding - Hybrid Dragons.png

When breeding two Dragons, there is usually no guarantee of what Dragon will be obtained. The exception is when there is only one possible outcome for the resultant Dragon, such as when using two single-Element Dragons that are of the same Element. An example of this would be to breed Fire Dragon + Fire Dragon, which can only result in the breeding of a Fire Dragon. Baby Dragons will usually inherit one or more Elements from each parent with the exception of Legendary and Divine Dragons.

Additionally, the Trainer can not obtain, through breeding, Dragons with Elements that are higher than the Trainer's Level. For example, if the Trainer manages to obtain an Agent Dragon from the Dragon League and they are under Level 15 (when the Metal Element is unlocked), they will be able to hatch the Agent Dragon and even breed it with other Dragons, but the Agent Dragon will never pass the Metal Element (or the Void Element until Level 25) until the Trainer reaches Level 15, and will only be able to pass the Earth Element.

Breeding the same pair of Dragons multiple times can lead to various results since the specific Dragon that will hatch is randomly chosen based on the available Elements of the parent Dragons. Breeding two Dragons of higher levels will increase the chances of producing a Dragon of higher rarity. Breeding outcomes for a specific Dragon or Dragon of higher rarity may require many breeding attempts. The only exception is for Guaranteed-Breedable Dragons. These are the only Dragons that can result from certain Elemental pairs. The Possible Results option of the Breeding Den is a helpful tool for determining what the outcome of a specific breeding may produce.

Legendary & Divine Dragons[edit]

Breeding - Legendaries And Other Noteworthy Dragons.png

Legendary and Divine Dragons act as wild cards for breeding, but they pass only one Element from the ones which the user has unlocked by leveling up. Only Base Dragons and Bi-Elemental Dragons (with the exception of the Sunflower, Mercury, Lightning, Magnet and Emperor Dragons) can be obtained by breeding two Legendary or Divine Dragons, regardless of whether either parent has any of its secondary Elements unlocked.

Important Icon.png

The Element passed by one of the parents can be any Element in the game, regardless if the parent possesses it or not (awoken or unawoken), as long as the Trainer themselves have unlocked it through their level.

Additionally, Legendary and Divine Dragons also do not follow the breeding principles when it comes to being bred, as Legendary Dragons can either be obtained through specific combinations or through a limited-time breeding event while some Divine Dragons are only extremely rarely made breedable.

When Legendary or Divine Dragons are used as part of the combination for a Dragon of the Week, they do not have to have their secondary Elements awoken in order to have a chance at breeding the respective Dragon.

VIP Dragons[edit]

Breeding VIP Dragons is done the same way as breeding Normally-Breedable Dragons, the difference being that the Trainer needs to be a certain VIP Level before these Dragons can be bred or even purchased. Additionally, they can only be bred while the VIP Status is active, regardless if the Trainer has the necessary VIP Level.

Incompatible Combinations[edit]

There are hundreds of different breeding combinations to get various Dragons in the game. Therefore, some Dragons can be bred from more than one pairing combination. There are, however, a few Dragons that can not be bred together. These are:

Furthermore, there are some hybrid Dragons for which a Single-Element Dragon can not be used when trying to obtain them. They can only be obtained by using hybrid + hybrid breeding combinations. These are:

Additionally, the above five Dragons are the only ones part of the specific combinations for obtaining Breedable Legendaries.

Enchanted Breed Button.png

Enchanted Breeding.png

Enchanted Breeding[edit]

See Breeding Den for information on upgrading it

The breeding of Enchantment Dragons can only be done following a specific criteria. Specific Dragons will need to be enchanted to certain levels and paired in predetermined combinations to obtain the Enchantment Dragons. In addition to requiring a unique combination with different Enchantment levels, the Breeding Den will have to be upgraded to certain levels in accordance with the requirements of the desired Dragon.

Limited-Time Breeding[edit]

Limited-Time Breeding is any breeding event or occasion whose sole purpose is to successfully breed one or more Limited-Time Dragons in the allotted time with the Dragon(s) being the reward.

Breeding Tokens[edit]

See Token Dragons for all Breeding Tokens

Breeding Tokens Breeding Token Icon.png are special items that are activated instantly upon obtaining. They offer the Trainer the opportunity to breed a Limited-Time Dragon for either an indefinite or temporary period of time. These Dragons follow the same breeding principles as Normally-Breedable Dragons.

Five Breeding Tokens are obtained from the Dragon Collector Leaderboard while others are obtained through events. Once a token is obtained, a confirmation screen will appear giving the Trainer the option to close it through the OK Button.png button or to immediately proceed to breeding the Dragon through the Go To Breeding Button.png button. If a token is obtained for a Dragon which had already been activated through another token, the period of time, during which the Dragon is available for breeding, will simply be extended.


Breeding - Tips And Tricks.png

See Castle Events, Clan Events and Chain Breeding Events for more information and for the individual events

Dragon of the Week[edit]

See Dragon of the Week for more information

Featured Dragon Ship.png

For the duration of one week, a limited Bi-Elemental or Tri-Elemental Dragon, classified as Rare or higher, is made available for breeding through the use of two specific Dragons.

In extremely rare cases, a Legendary or a Divine Dragon can be made available as a Dragon of the Week.

Dragon of the Month[edit]

See Dragon of the Month for more information

For the duration of one month, a limited Legendary Dragon is made available for breeding through the use of any Dragons having together four specific Elements.

Flash Breeding[edit]

Lantern Dragon Advertisement (Leapin' Lanterns).jpg

For the duration of a very short period of time, usually only a few days, a Dragon is made available for breeding through the use of any Dragons having together a given number of specific Elements. Currently, the only Dragons to have been flash-breedable at some point are the Lantern Dragon and the Aries Dragon.


See Hatching for more information

Once two Dragons are sent to the Breeding Den, they will breed for a period of time to produce one egg. Eggs need to be incubated in the Hatchery until they are ready to hatch. Once the incubation period is complete, the baby can hatch from its shell and be placed into one of the Habitats or sold on the spot.

Breeding Length Calculation[edit]

The amount of time it takes for a Dragon to be successfully bred is determined by its Elements and rarity while an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher reduces the amount of time by 20%.

Time Required (in hours) = (Rarity Factor + Elemental Factor) * VIP Factor

Rarity Factor[edit]

Elemental Factor[edit]

This only applies to the Elements of a Dragon that do not require awakening. Thus, only the base Element applies to all of these Dragons because their secondary Elements need to be awoken. As such, all Dragons with that base Element have the same breeding time, regardless of their other Elements.

VIP Factor[edit]

  • Active VIP (VIP Level 2 or higher) = 0.8
  • Inactive VIP/VIP Level 1 = 1


First Example
The Boiling Dragon is classified as Common and possesses the Fire & Water Elements.

  • Breeding Time = ((2 + 2) + 0) * VIP Factor
  • Breeding Time = 4 * VIP Factor

Thus, without VIP, the breeding time is 4 hours while with VIP, the breeding time is 3 hours and 12 minutes.

Second Example
The Storm Dragon is classified as Epic and possesses the Wind, Energy & Void Elements.

  • Breeding Time = ((2 + 6 + 6) + 8) * VIP Factor
  • Breeding Time = 22 * VIP Factor

Thus, without VIP, the breeding time is 22 hours while with VIP, the breeding time is 17 hours and 36 minutes.


The following Dragons do not follow this formula and thus have their own breeding time.

Time Reduction[edit]

Aside from an active Level 2 VIP Status, which reduces the breeding and hatching time by 20%, any ongoing breeding time is also reduced by 60 minutes whenever the Trainer activates Amoura's ability and by 6 hours whenever Chronosian Seals are forged or Chronos' power is used. The entire breeding time can also be sped up in exchange for Gems. Additionally, the Trainer might be offered videos to watch in order to reduce the ongoing breeding time whenever the Yellow-Bordered Time Reduction Icon.png icon appears above the Breeding Den. The option reduces the time by 30 minutes every time it is used and can only be used twice in 24 hours. Sometimes more than these 2 videos can be used to speed up the breeding time, usually during Chain Breeding Events.

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