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Introduced in Update 3.7, the Whale-Mart is a floating market located south of the Main Island where players can exchange different currency for various resources. The Whale-Mart is run by Template:Character and is only visible during the weekend. Accessing it will bring up the five available offers, the time remaining until the whale departs, and a random message from the merchant. Outside the Whale-Mart, the Yellow-Bordered Mishiyo Icon.png icon is shown atop it, regardless if there are any available offers in stock or not. The Whale-Mart is unlocked at Level 5.

While some players may receive the same offers, the offers will generally vary by groups of players and all offers have a limited inventory of stocked goods. As such, depending on these offers, the player might be able to trade Gems, Scrolls or Food in exchange for Enchantment Materials, Portal Gems, Dragon Pieces, Dragon Fury Essence, decorations, Legendary Habitats or tickets.

Example Offers