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Turf War (18/06/04)

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Beat all the celestial Bosses to complete rounds!
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Started 4 June 2018
Ended 10 June 2018
Duration 7 Days
Type Solo
Tiers 10
Grand Prize Template:Dicon


The amount of Food and Gold rewarded depends on the player's level. See Level Modifier for more information.

Tier Reward
Lap 1 Dragon Fury Essence Bottles.png 3
Lap 2 Template:Icon (20,000*Modifier)
Lap 3 Template:Icon (2,000*Modifier)
Lap 4 Template:Dicon
Lap 5+ 25px 10


Boss Challenge Earn Rewards 1.png
Boss Challenge Earn Rewards 2.png

During the Boss Challenge, players could earn Gems by defeating Boss Dragons and smaller rewards by defeating regular Dragons. 1 Gem was given for defeating the first Boss of a round, 2 Gems for defeating the second one, 3 Gems for the third one and 4 Gems for the fourth one. The Elements that could be brought to the Boss Battles were restricted, starting with all Elements allowed for the first battles. Defeating a Boss reduced the allowed Elements by taking away 1 random Element, making the restrictions getting more severe after each Boss. The Divine Element was the only non-random Element, being allowed in all battles. The hardest battles allowed only 3 Elements: the aforementioned Divine and 2 other random Elements, that changed each time a Boss Battle had been won. The Element restrictions could be refreshed Refresh Elements Button.png, but there was a waiting period of 2 hours before the next fight could start and it would only last until the next Boss was defeated. Every battle required a cooldown period of 2 hours to pass before the next battle could be joined.

When all Bosses on the current map were defeated, the map would reset with a new set of battles and tickets. Once the 4th round had been completed, the player was rewarded with the Turf Dragon. Any subsequent round after that offered 10 Dragon Pack Tickets. The Boss Challenge was unlimited with infinite rounds.

Any waiting period could be skipped through the use of Gems, starting at 9 Gems and then gradually decreasing. The enemy Dragons were entirely random, thus not all players faced the same Dragons. The only Dragons encountered by all players, in the same battles, were the main opponents, which also changed with each round. The levels of all opposing Dragons were in relation to the levels of the player's own Dragons.