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Banned Unexpectedly, Can't make an account to fight it

3 (talkcontribs)

I've never edited a page before. I once commented on the discussion tab that a page was not up to date, and that's all I've ever done. If I was supposed to put that somewhere else I apologize, but nothing malicious was meant by it at all.

I noticed a page today was not up to date so I wanted to quickly fix that. Before I could type anything I was banned on the spot. To address a ban you have to make an account, which I cannot do since my IP is banned. I'm not really sure what to do since I've never done anything to warrant a ban for vandalism.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

The log shows no ban on your account. Maybe it was a fluke on your side? Try again.

Soukupmi (talkcontribs)

Maybe you used a different ip address last time as some 172.69.69 addresses have needed banning recently? As Star Warden said the .29 is not banned.

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