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Wording for Recruitment on Friend System Page

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The Friend System page under Recruitment Codes states that "A Recruitment Code for non-playing users can only be used by new Trainers who are Level 4 or above, but no higher than Level 15."

Most users I speak to are confused by this language on the wiki which may appear a bit ambiguous?

If I change the order of the statement above I get this: Only new trainers who are level 4-15 can use a recruitment code for non-playing users. (I'm not sure that is correct or the intended meaning?)

While other sources (Gameloft forums)state that: "Pop Art and Farmer are rewards for getting new players to use your recruitment code. The ground rules are that (1) the new player must be between lvl 4 and 15; (2) the player must enter your code in the space on the Recruit a Friend tab (each player can only enter one code here)."

Are you switching from referring to "non-playing" users as "new Trainers" i.e., new trainers between the levels of 4-15 can only recruit non-playing users?

Or do you mean that Trainers (any trainer, not just a new one) can use a recruitment code for a non-playing players and/or for new players (but only those between levels 4-15)?

Clarification much appreciated! :) 04:45, 7 February 2019 (UTC)

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

I have reworded it. Is it clearer now?

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