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Summary by Star Warden

Only Gameloft can solve this

Kong Ming (talkcontribs)

The profile picture in game is the picture everyone uses on FB. So my suggestion is that to make it possible for everyone to use their favourite Dragons as profile pic so that we players could know each others better and learn about our interests and show others our favourite dragons to cherish this game. I know it's too much to ask but think of it, how cool it will be. Also make it possible for everyone to change their "Profile Dragons" freely whenever they want and of course everyone can choose a Dragon that they already own. And make an option if someone wants to keep their Dragon Profile or their FB profile pic. Thank you for this cool and addicting game.

Ophexis (talkcontribs)

The wiki does not work for Gameloft, you should post this to their official forum. This is just a fan site.