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Summary by Star Warden

Contact Gameloft (talkcontribs)

Ive now been waiting nearly a month to have my account transferd over to another server. I was asked if i wanted to proceed after Gameloft explained the loss of friends clan etc . Since then i have had nothing and have even sent other emails with the ticket number only to receive automated emails. About to give up , which is a shame as i came so far with the game. I realise they must be busy but nearly a month really? How long am i expected to wait/

Ophexis (talkcontribs)

The wiki has no ability to follow such things up for you - this is a fan site and doesn't handle any technical issues on Gameloft's behalf. All you can do is keep replying to the original e-mail you sent and tell them the issue is not resolved. It can also help to make an account in their forum and quote your ticket number there in the Technical Issues section. One of the administrators there can then look into the problem for you and have an agent contact you. (talkcontribs)

Thank you Ophexis