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Jaden (talkcontribs)

Attack for the Wraith Dragon is listed as 72 in the Table of Dragons, should be 81. Attack for Clover is listed at 59, it's actually 62.

Question: would you rather I made a list if I find more and present them all at once as this one at a time thing might be getting tedious.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Yes, it would be better if you just replied to this thread whenever you find errors in the table, rather than creating separate threads for it. Thanks! I have also edited your comment to include the previous thread.

Jaden (talkcontribs)

Wooly, Health - 212, Attack - 64, Gold/Hour - 390

Jaden (talkcontribs)

Sylvan - Attack 61, Health 222, Gold 460 Wolf - Attack 70, Health 208, Gold 680 Ladybug - Attack 64, Health 202, Gold 340 Elephant dragon - Attack 63, Health 206, Gold 380 Scarecrow - Attack 62, Health 228, Gold 530 Foxglove - Attack 68, Health 208, Gold 650 Dark Machine - Attack 72, Health 254, Gold 745 Reindeer - Attack 72, Health 240, Gold 760 Comet - Attack 76, Health 244, Gold 810

Rock needs to be added - Attack 62, Health 230, Gold 570

I -believe- that is all of the errors in the table.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Thanks! I've passed it along to our table editor.

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