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See Table of Dragons for all the available hatching times and the Hatchery for the hatching options

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Hatching is the process through which Dragon eggs are incubated in order for Dragons to come to life. The amount of time it takes to incubate an egg will depend on what Dragon will hatch. The higher the rarity and the more advanced the Elements, the longer it will take to incubate. Usually, the longer the time it takes to hatch, the rarer the Dragon will be. Hatching times vary from instant for Boss Dragons to 4 days and 19 hours for Divine Dragons and are affected by the VIP Status.

Hatching Dragons can only be done in the Hatchery. Eggs need to be incubated there until they are ready to hatch. Once the incubation period is complete, the Trainer can select the Hatchery and press the icon of the Dragon which will bring up a window with the Dragon's egg. The baby can hatch from its shell after repeatedly tapping the egg and cracking it open. After the Dragon is hatched, it will give an amount of experience to the Trainer. Dragons that take longer to breed will give more experience points. In the same window, its name will be shown above its image and its rarity in the top-left corner of the hatching window. The Dragon's Elements are shown in its left, along with the Dragon Codex Button.png button and pressing it will bring up the base Codex entry of that Dragon.

The hatched Dragon can then be placed into one of the Habitats or the Dragon Vault through the Place Button.png option. This option will take the Trainer to either the Dragon Vault or the closest, fitting Habitat. Aside from this possibility, the Dragon can also be sold on the spot through the Sell Button 3.png option. If there are no empty, fitting Habitats for the baby Dragon to be placed in or there are no free spots in the Dragon Vault, the Sell button will be replaced by the Shop Button.png button and pressing it will take the Trainer to the Habitats tab of the Main Shop. However, if the Trainer has fitting Habitats that can be upgraded to receive additional spots, or if a fitting Habitat was just finished being built and the Yellow-Bordered Experience Icon.png is shown atop it, instead of the Shop button, the Trainer will receive the Upgrade Button 2.png button. Pressing this button will take the Trainer to the nearest fitting Habitat that can be upgraded, or to the one that was just built and is awaiting completion through being selected.

If a species of Dragon is hatched for the very first time, the New Icon.png icon will be displayed in its right, signaling the Trainer has obtained a new Dragon and its Dragon Collector Points value along with the Ranking Button.png button in its left. None of these are shown for Clan Dragons. Lastly, after the same, brand-new Dragon is placed in a Habitat, the Book of Dragons will appear and will fill in that Dragon's snapshot. If the Dragon is part of a Dragon Codex collection, its snapshot will be filled in, instead, in the Collections menu.

The shell of the eggs are in concordance to the appearance of the Dragon. All Dragons have their very own egg, except Boss Dragons, whose eggs are that of their regular counterpart. These Dragons are incubated instantly after being sent to the Hatchery and are displayed directly in their adult form after their egg is cracked open, as they do not have a baby form.


Community HatchingEdit

See Clan Dragons for more information

Community Hatching is an exclusive method and the only way through which Clan Dragons can be incubated. This involves one or more members of a Clan incubating and hatching a certain number of eggs belonging to the same Dragon in order to fully hatch and use that Dragon. Once a Clan Dragon is obtained by a Clan after its corresponding Dragon Pieces have been won from Clan Events, it will be stored under the Clan's Collection menu, instead of the inventory as with regular Dragons. From this menu, each member can send an egg to their Hatchery through the Hatch Button.png option.

Multiple eggs can be hatched simultaneously so long as there are nests available in the Trainer's Hatchery. Each egg has a set hatching time which must be waited (unless a member chooses to speed up Speed-Up Arrow Icon.png the process by paying with Gems) and this time is unaffected by the VIP Status, regardless of the Trainer's VIP Level. Once the hatching time has ended, selecting the Hatchery and choosing the Dragon's icon will bring up the window for cracking its egg open.

Once the Dragon is hatched, its rarity will be shown in the top-left corner of the window. No option for accessing its Codex Entry will be shown, nor its Elements, as Clan Dragons have no entry in the Dragon Codex nor they possess any Element. Additionally, it will give no experience and DCP points and there will be no option to place or sell the egg, the only option available being to close the window. Any egg hatched by a member of the Clan is added to the collective count of hatched eggs until the total number of eggs needed is met. The counter is shown under the newly-hatched Dragon and in the Collection menu of the Clan. Any eggs that are hatched over the required number are discarded.


See Hatching Events and Solo Events for more information and for the individual events

  • Hatching Events are events whose sole objective is hatching Dragons in order to win the prizes offered. Points are given based on a Dragon's rarity, where the higher the rarity, the more points are given. Boss Dragons and Clan Dragons give no points.
  • Solo Events require hatching Dragons as one of their objectives.


See Breeding for more information

Breeding is the main way for obtaining Dragon eggs. Pairing two adult Dragons in the Breeding Den will produce a Dragon egg after a while which is then sent to the Hatchery in order to incubate and hatch.

Hatching Length CalculationEdit

The amount of time it takes for a Dragon to be hatched is determined by its Elements and breeding time while an active VIP Status of Level 2 or higher reduces the amount of time by 20%.

Time Required (in minutes) = (RoundUp(Breeding Time (in minutes) * (Sum Elemental Factors) / Number of Elements)) * VIP Factor

The rounding up applies only to the last digit.

Elemental FactorEdit

This only applies to the Elements of a Dragon that do not require awakening. Thus, only the base Element applies to all of these Dragons because their secondary Elements need to be awoken. As such, all Dragons with that base Element have the same breeding time, regardless of their other Elements.

VIP FactorEdit

  • Active VIP (VIP Level 2 or higher) = 0.8
  • Inactive VIP/VIP Level 1 = 1


First Example
The Boiling Dragon possesses the Fire & Water Elements and has a breeding time of 240 minutes (4 hours).

  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(240 * (1.6 + 1.6) / 2)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(240 * 3.2 / 2)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(768 / 2)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(384) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = 390 * VIP Factor

Thus, without VIP, the hatching time is 6 hours and 30 minutes while with VIP, the hatching time is 5 hours and 12 minutes.

Second Example
The Storm Dragon possesses the Wind, Energy & Void Elements and has a breeding time of 1,320 minutes (22 hours).

  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(1320 * (1.6 + 1.2 + 1.2) / 3)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(1320 * 4 / 3)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(5280 / 3)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(1760) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = 1760 * VIP Factor

Thus, without VIP, the hatching time is 1 day, 5 hours and 20 minutes (in the game, only the first two units of time are displayed) while with VIP, the hatching time is 23 hours and 28 minutes.

Third Example
The Titan Dragon possesses the Legendary Element and has a breeding time of 2,880 minutes (48 hours).

  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(2,880 * 1.2)) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = (RoundUp(3,456) * VIP Factor
  • Hatching Time = 3,460 * VIP Factor

Thus, without VIP, the hatching time is 2 days, 9 hours and 40 minutes while with VIP, the hatching time is 1 day, 22 hours and 8 minutes (in the game, only the first two units of time are displayed).


The following Dragons do not follow this formula and thus have their own hatching time.

Time ReductionEdit

Aside from an active Level 2 VIP Status, which reduces the hatching and breeding time by 20%, any ongoing hatching time is also reduced by 60 minutes whenever the Trainer activates Ruptia's ability and by 6 hours whenever Chronosian Seals are forged or Chronos' power is used. The entire hatching time can also be sped up in exchange for Gems.

Noteworthy ChangesEdit