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Jaden (talkcontribs)

Attack for the Wraith Dragon is listed as 72 in the Table of Dragons, should be 81. Attack for Clover is listed at 59, it's actually 62.

Question: would you rather I made a list if I find more and present them all at once as this one at a time thing might be getting tedious.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Yes, it would be better if you just replied to this thread whenever you find errors in the table, rather than creating separate threads for it. Thanks! I have also edited your comment to include the previous thread.

Jaden (talkcontribs)

Wooly, Health - 212, Attack - 64, Gold/Hour - 390

Jaden (talkcontribs)

Sylvan - Attack 61, Health 222, Gold 460 Wolf - Attack 70, Health 208, Gold 680 Ladybug - Attack 64, Health 202, Gold 340 Elephant dragon - Attack 63, Health 206, Gold 380 Scarecrow - Attack 62, Health 228, Gold 530 Foxglove - Attack 68, Health 208, Gold 650 Dark Machine - Attack 72, Health 254, Gold 745 Reindeer - Attack 72, Health 240, Gold 760 Comet - Attack 76, Health 244, Gold 810

Rock needs to be added - Attack 62, Health 230, Gold 570

I -believe- that is all of the errors in the table.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Thanks! I've passed it along to our table editor.

Reply to "Table of Dragons errors"
Summary by Star Warden

Try through Google Play

Fouad123 (talkcontribs)

I have a Paypal account activated by email. Can I buy jewelry?

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

You'll need to ask Gameloft themselves. It's probably possible through Google Play if you have PayPal as a payment method. (talkcontribs)

I read a topic about the name of the dragons in other languages and i think it's a very good idea. I'm here to ask if is possible to build a page where you can filter all the dragon with one two or three elements. For example.. i want to know what are the dragons with Void Shadows and Light elements or with Void and Shadows but without Light.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Hey. That would be a nice feature indeed, but no promises if/when it will be implemented. If you check the recent changes, you can see we're chock full of reworking a large number of articles. In the meanwhile, there's a less elegant solution. We already have each dragon separated by elements. You can find all the lists right here.

Reply to "Dragon search by elements"
Summary by Star Warden

Contact Gameloft

Elkhut (talkcontribs)

hi sir/mdm

 i had 6 days the game unavailable even in android and windows
  please tell me what i do
Star Warden (talkcontribs)

That is something you need to address Gameloft themselves, as this wiki is not run by them.

Fall dragon mistake on "Table of dragons?"

Summary by Star Warden

fixed (talkcontribs)

Here Fall dragon has attack 76 :

and on table of dragons legendary Fall attack is 81:

Thanks, BestDmlPlayer (on DML Forum)

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Yes, we are aware of it and it is going to be fixed, at some point.

Summary by Star Warden

Only Gameloft can solve this

Kong Ming (talkcontribs)

The profile picture in game is the picture everyone uses on FB. So my suggestion is that to make it possible for everyone to use their favourite Dragons as profile pic so that we players could know each others better and learn about our interests and show others our favourite dragons to cherish this game. I know it's too much to ask but think of it, how cool it will be. Also make it possible for everyone to change their "Profile Dragons" freely whenever they want and of course everyone can choose a Dragon that they already own. And make an option if someone wants to keep their Dragon Profile or their FB profile pic. Thank you for this cool and addicting game.

Ophexis (talkcontribs)

The wiki does not work for Gameloft, you should post this to their official forum. This is just a fan site.

Summary by Star Warden

Seems solved

DABOIIII (talkcontribs)

i cant figure out how to merge my account through facebook. ive been playing on mobile for the longest time and id like to start playiing on my laptop too. ive merged through game center before and that was simple enough but this doesnt seem to make any sense. can someone tell me exactly how to do this? thank you

Soukupmi (talkcontribs)

If your laptop has the same os as your phone (iOS is my guess) then it should be a walk in the park piece of cake. If its not self explanatory contact customer care. If you have an Apple phone and a Windows laptop then it's impossible. Not difficult but impossible!

transfer account between devices

Summary by Star Warden

Explained in the FAQ (talkcontribs)

can i transfer my account from apple to android in costumer care it says something about (manuel transfer through D.M.L terminal) so am i on the right track or this is something else ??

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Have you read this?

Summary by Star Warden

Contact Gameloft (talkcontribs)

Ive now been waiting nearly a month to have my account transferd over to another server. I was asked if i wanted to proceed after Gameloft explained the loss of friends clan etc . Since then i have had nothing and have even sent other emails with the ticket number only to receive automated emails. About to give up , which is a shame as i came so far with the game. I realise they must be busy but nearly a month really? How long am i expected to wait/

Ophexis (talkcontribs)

The wiki has no ability to follow such things up for you - this is a fan site and doesn't handle any technical issues on Gameloft's behalf. All you can do is keep replying to the original e-mail you sent and tell them the issue is not resolved. It can also help to make an account in their forum and quote your ticket number there in the Technical Issues section. One of the administrators there can then look into the problem for you and have an agent contact you. (talkcontribs)

Thank you Ophexis

page with dragonname in other languages

2 (talkcontribs)

Is it possible to get translations for the other languages from gameloft for the dragon names? I am a german player and yes i can understand english and i even have my game in english because of this beautiful wiki!

But sometimes its hard to explain your german clanmates what dragons they should breed or what dragon they got in their den without the correct german dragon name.

Maybe you can get the translations from gameloft and add a seperate site/list with just the english + german + some other languages to compare the dragon names?! It would help me and i think some others aswell!

greetings myssy

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

We'll have to look into it, but no promises. No chance this month, anyway.

Reply to "page with dragonname in other languages"