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Welcome to the DML Wiki's support page. Here, you can submit questions, suggestions, and navigational issues related to the wiki. If you would like to discuss a private matter, e-mail us.

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remove age restriction on the chat update

Summary by Ophexis

Issue must be raised with Gameloft, the wiki is incapable of addressing age restrictions in-game. (talkcontribs)

so i got this latest update now and why cant i access the chat/social log? it says i do not meet the age requirements but im already 14 years old, surely im not worthy of those kind of restrictions, and i really like that new feature of the game... please just let me have it

Ophexis (talkcontribs)

You need to contact Gameloft; the wiki has no control over such a feature. There are age restrictions put in place to protect younger players. (talkcontribs)

I have been trying to breed the lilac dragon for 11 days now and no luck!!! I have two rainbows and two salamanders all breeding at the same time. One pair are level 18 and the other pair are level 4. Any ideas?? I know the chance of getting it is very low but I should’ve gotten one by now. 11 days with two pairs breeding about 3-4 times a day at least!!!

Ophexis (talkcontribs)

There is no guarantee that this dragon will be bred no matter how many times you attempt it, or pairings you have - this is unfortunately the way of RNG. All you can do is continue to try and hope for the best.

Reply to "Lilac dragon"

I'm new - Cannot figure out how to send

5 (talkcontribs)

I've only been playing for 2 weeks (minus 3 day when my firewall blocked the site...lol). I have received time reducers and berries from new friends, but I cannot seem to be able to return the favor. Also, if I want to send an egg, would I need to hatch it first and send the baby? Or is sending another dragon/egg even possible? This may sound lame, but I have looked at FAQs and posts, and even googled. I'm trying, with a little help! :) Thank you, and Happy Easter. Kawvul c1362b Windows EUR (PC)

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Sending dragons isn't possible. In order to send gifts, you need to access the friend list. In order to help people with time reductions, you only need to visit their island and check for the icon with the timer inside it. If it's not available, keep looking for a friend who has it. (talkcontribs)

Thank you. I'm hitting the gift button also, but I have no idea what they are receiving! LOL

Soukupmi (talkcontribs)

the times of gifting a certain gift are over - they get a random gift every time you hit the button.

BTW. a gift is either a Portal token, gold or food.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

What makes you sure they are not receiving the gift? You can't see whether they received or not.

Reply to "I'm new - Cannot figure out how to send"

Template/category for new Dragon Codex reward dragons

Cryscryb2 (talkcontribs)

Now that there are dragons awarded for the completion of certain codex collections, the options to categorize dragons (e.g., Begonia dragon) for Availability, Method and Cost lead to an incorrect Obtaining section rendered on pages created. I can't find a way to purchase this dragon in the store either, so the gem cost and obtaining sections are currently incorrect. For the time being I have categorized it as availability:red.

I'm wondering if a new category/template is in the works or needed or if there's a way to categorize this dragon that I'm missing.

Thanks in advance for the help! :)

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Yes, you are right. I'll work something out, when I have some time.

Cryscryb2 (talkcontribs)

Great, thanks! :) (talkcontribs)

I sold my begonia dragon by mistake ;( Any way to get it again?

Star Warden (talkcontribs)


Reply to "Template/category for new Dragon Codex reward dragons"

some side quests do not count for clan quest

2 (talkcontribs)

Hello, Side quests from the actual side quest icon, did not count as valid for the clan quest "win side quests from the campaign map". Is that how it is supposed to be?

Zili-de (talkcontribs)

No. Every side quest battle (marked with scroll icon over blue marked stone), AND also reconquering of mines (crossed sword icon over orange marked stone) count as side quest fights. Note that some people confuse campaign map progress fights with side quests - these do NOT count. If you didn't misinterpret fight type and this occurs again, a ticket at GL customer service is in order.

Reply to "some side quests do not count for clan quest"

Upload a new version of this file

Cryscryb2 (talkcontribs)

Whenever I upload an *updated* version of an image via the "Upload a new version of this file" link (located on each image page), the new image dimensions reflect the change made but the image itself is incorrect and links to the old image. It is also mangled in the display... it appears to be attempting to use and link to the old image (which is often smaller and lower res) and ends up looking terrible.

I have followed naming conventions carefully and ensured the new file is named the same as the old file, which could be part of the issue. Can you please advise on the correct process for updating older or lower res images?

Much appreciated, thanks! :)

Soukupmi (talkcontribs)

This is totally NOT on your side - the issue is in the wiki. For some reason the old versions (thumbnails) don't get replaced by the newer versions, which has never happened before.

I first noticed it when updating the maps for Heaven & Hades. The same issue has hit you now (as also Kimberly with her updated images).

We know about it - we just currently don't know how to fix it. But as this is an important feature we are working on it.

Thanks for you uploads, btw.

Cryscryb2 (talkcontribs)

Thank you for confirming, phew! I was sure it must be something I was doing and thought I'd better get clarification before flagging an older file for deletion and replacing it with a newer one. :)

I will try to have a look at the Media Wiki dev pages... I have a Media Wiki install elsewhere with admin access, when I have time I may muck around with both to see if I can figure a way around it.

Yw, happy to pitch in :)

Reply to "Upload a new version of this file"

Banned Unexpectedly, Can't make an account to fight it

3 (talkcontribs)

I've never edited a page before. I once commented on the discussion tab that a page was not up to date, and that's all I've ever done. If I was supposed to put that somewhere else I apologize, but nothing malicious was meant by it at all.

I noticed a page today was not up to date so I wanted to quickly fix that. Before I could type anything I was banned on the spot. To address a ban you have to make an account, which I cannot do since my IP is banned. I'm not really sure what to do since I've never done anything to warrant a ban for vandalism.

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

The log shows no ban on your account. Maybe it was a fluke on your side? Try again.

Soukupmi (talkcontribs)

Maybe you used a different ip address last time as some 172.69.69 addresses have needed banning recently? As Star Warden said the .29 is not banned.

Reply to "Banned Unexpectedly, Can't make an account to fight it"

Wording for Recruitment on Friend System Page

2 (talkcontribs)

The Friend System page under Recruitment Codes states that "A Recruitment Code for non-playing users can only be used by new Trainers who are Level 4 or above, but no higher than Level 15."

Most users I speak to are confused by this language on the wiki which may appear a bit ambiguous?

If I change the order of the statement above I get this: Only new trainers who are level 4-15 can use a recruitment code for non-playing users. (I'm not sure that is correct or the intended meaning?)

While other sources (Gameloft forums)state that: "Pop Art and Farmer are rewards for getting new players to use your recruitment code. The ground rules are that (1) the new player must be between lvl 4 and 15; (2) the player must enter your code in the space on the Recruit a Friend tab (each player can only enter one code here)."

Are you switching from referring to "non-playing" users as "new Trainers" i.e., new trainers between the levels of 4-15 can only recruit non-playing users?

Or do you mean that Trainers (any trainer, not just a new one) can use a recruitment code for a non-playing players and/or for new players (but only those between levels 4-15)?

Clarification much appreciated! :) 04:45, 7 February 2019 (UTC)

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

I have reworded it. Is it clearer now?

Reply to "Wording for Recruitment on Friend System Page"
JDdragonwarrior (talkcontribs)

I want to give my account to someone/a different fB account. I found the wiki instructions, but the link that should go to a form does not go to a form. Just some random page on the support site. I have all the info I nee (the tool to find my # totally worked!) but can't get to or find the form. Can anyone help??

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Just access this link and fill in your data.

Reply to "Transferring my account/progress"
Izpopdanmad (talkcontribs)

I cannot get my perfect hits to register what can I do?

Soukupmi (talkcontribs)

make sure they are perfect hits with the _arrow_ in the green, not strong hits (green _circle_ around opponent)