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Pile of Gems.png

Gems are the in-game premium currency. They are purchased or earned and can be used in various ways.

Earning Gems

Method Lowest Amount Highest Amount Notes
Petting Dragons 1 2 No more than two Gems can be obtained within a 24-hour period
Event leaderboards and milestones 1 200
Participating in the Dragon League 1 5 Obtained from win streaks
Exploring ruins 1 40 Amount depends on the ruin and the chest obtained from it
Random treasure chests on the Campaign Map 1 Variable amount
Opening Dungeon chests 2 100
Milestones for the Totem of Friendship 3 100
Milestones for the Friend System 10 100
Daily Prizes 1 24 Amount depends on the VIP Status
Daily Quests 1
To-Do-List 1 19
Achievements 5 15
Collections 5 35
Playing Otto's Lotto 1 10 Amount depends on the wheel
Leveling up and at random after reaching the maximum level 1 5
Subscribing to the Clam 10 1,600 Costs real currency
Various contests or sweepstakes sponsored or hosted by Gameloft outside the game Variable amount These are usually held on their Facebook page
Various in-game promotions Variable amount Promotions can be offered in exchange for real currency

Purchasing Gems

In addition to the above methods, Gems can also be obtained in exchange for real currency by pressing the Extra Button.png button at the top of the screen. As Gems have a multitude of purposes, the option to purchase them will be shown in most places in the game including, but not limited to, battles or various selection screens or windows. In the purchase selection screen, aside from the various packs, there is also the option to subscribe to the Clam and, if available for that day, the option to watch videos in exchange for spinning Otto's Lotto wheel. Pressing the Information Button.png option in the snapshot of the Clam, will bring up a video with the description of the Clam and its offer. Pressing the Watch A Video Button.png in the snapshot of the wheel, will take the player to Otto's Lotto to watch videos for prizes. Additionally, if the player has never purchased anything from the game via real currency, the First Purchase Notice.png notice will be shown on this screen.

Gems is the only currency that counts toward the VIP level of the player and any purchase of Gems, be it directly or indirectly (as part of various promotions), is added to the VIP level. In the bottom-left corner of this screen, the VIP Status Icon.png icon is shown, indicating the player's VIP level inside, and next to it the total amount of Gems the player purchased separated by a / from the total amount of Gems needed to reach the next VIP level. Pressing the VIP Benefits Button.png button will take the player to the VIP interface. Additionally, in the bottom-right corner, opposite of the VIP level information, the 120px option can be used to restore the player's earlier purchases in case they were lost or not recognised after changing devices. This option is only available to Android and Windows users.

Important Icon.png
The amounts below apply to the majority of users. In some cases, discrepancies among some users based on their country and platform can exist. Additionally, values can change depending on various promotions and sales.
Version Pile of Gems.png

Pile of Gems

Sack of Gems.png

Sack of Gems

Bucket of Gems.png

Bucket of Gems

Chest of Gems.png

Chest of Gems

Cave of Gems.png

Cave of Gems

Island of Gems.png

Island of Gems

1.0-1.1 Missing Data
1.2-1.6 50 Gems for 1.99 USD 130 Gems for 4.99 USD 275 Gems for 9.99 USD 600 Gems for 19.99 USD 1,700 Gems for 49.99 USD 3,800 Gems for 99.99 USD
1.7-currently 20 Gems for 0.99 USD 100 Gems for 3.99 USD 300 Gems for 9.99 USD 600 Gems for 19.99 USD 1,800 Gems for 49.99 USD 3,800 Gems for 99.99 USD



Purchasing Gems can also be done through the Shop, a small building situated underneath Chronos. Whenever there is a promotion for Gems, the Yellow-Bordered Promotions Icon.png icon will be shown atop the Shop.

Gift Giver

During Gift Giver promotions, whenever a Clan member purchases 50 or more Gems, all of their Clans' members will be awarded gifts. The type of gifts and amount of each that will be awarded will depend on the number of Gems purchased. The player can choose to hide their name from being seen by the other Clan members when they receive their gifts.

Clan Weekend! Gem Purchasing Advertisement.jpg
Gift Giver.png

Gift Giver

Clan Gifts For Gem Packs!.png

Spending Gems

Method Lowest Amount Highest Amount Notes
Purchasing Dragons 30 6,500
Purchasing Boss Habitats 50 The only building that can be purchased through Gems.
Purchasing VIP Status 49 199
Purchasing Autocombat Tickets 5 250 Amount depends on the player's VIP level
Purchasing the Dungen Token Multiplier 35
Purchasing premium card packs, chests in the Enchantment League, and opening all chests in the Clockwork Dungeon 100 250
Awakening the third Element of Legendary and Divine Dragons 99
Upgrading Boss Habitats, the Hatchery and the Ancient Portal 50 750 The only buildings that can be upgraded for Gems
Babifying Dragons 15
Restoring Portal Energy or Arena Energy 3 39 Amount depends on the user's VIP Status and/or level of the Ancient Portal
Refreshing the Dragon League opponent selection choices and refreshing the Dragon selection choices for ruins 3 15 Always 5 for the Dragon League; amount varies from 3 to 15 for ruins
Opening Rusty Gates on the Campaign Map without help from friends 5 60 Amount varies on the number of friends needed to open the gate
Switching mastery skills 35
Quickening Dragon Fury in battle 5 20
Reviving Dragons in the Enchantment League and restoring stamina in the Clockwork Dungeon 1 39 Maximum 20 for EL; always 39 for the Dungeon
Speeding up[1] various tasks[2]: breeding, hatching, building and upgrading various buildings, growing Food, exploring ruins, awakening Elements, refresh times for recipes/Clan Quests etc. 1 250
Buying extra recipes in The Great Dragon Race 20 100 Only a maximum of 5 recipes can be bought in each event
Buying items in Solo Events 3 30 Amount varies by tiers
Skipping tasks on the To-Do-List 5 10
As a requirement in Gem Spending Events 1 Amount depends on the spender
Various in-game promotions or packs offered occasionally Variable amount

Speeding Up

  1. To speed up any amount of time, the 25px option has to be pressed after selecting what is to be sped up. A confirmation window will pop up and pressing the Skip All Button.png button will confirm the choice, provided the player has enough Gems to pay the cost.
  2. There are two factors that influence the cost of speeding up timers, namely the duration and the feature. For example, the same amount of time for cooldowns in the Enchantment League and those when breeding does not have the same cost.

The formula for speeding up breeding, hatching and training Dragons at the Dragon Academy is as follows:
(TimeInSeconds ^ -0.44) * 0.15 * TimeInSeconds

The formula for speeding up timers in events is as follows:
(TimeInSeconds ^ -0.5) * 0.1 * TimeInSeconds

The formula for all other timers that can be sped up is as follows:
(TimeInSeconds ^ -0.46) * 0.12 * TimeInSeconds

The final result is then rounded, in the following intervals, as follows:

  • 1-10: 1
  • 10-100: 5
  • 100-200: 25
  • 200-1,000: 50
  • over 1,000: 100


Purchasing Food & Gold

Gems can also be used to purchase either Food or Gold instantly.

Important Icon.png
The amounts below apply to the majority of users with a level above 59 as they depend on the Level Modifier. In some cases, discrepancies among some users based on their country and platform can exist. Additionally, values can change depending on various promotions and sales.
Version Pile of Gold.png

Pile of Gold

Sack of Gold.png

Sack of Gold

Bucket of Gold.png

Bucket of Gold

Chest of Gold.png

Chest of Gold

Cave of Gold.png

Cave of Gold

Island of Gold.png

Island of Gold

1.0-1.1 Missing Data
1.2-currently 15 Gems for 300,000 Gold 50 Gems for 1,130,000 Gold 100 Gems for 2,400,000 Gold 250 Gems for 6,750,000 Gold 750 Gems for 21,000,000 Gold 1,500 Gems for 45,000,000 Gold
Version Pile of Food.png

Pile of Food

Sack of Food.png

Sack of Food

Bucket of Food.png

Bucket of Food

Chest of Food.png

Chest of Food

Cave of Food.png

Cave of Food

Island of Food.png

Island of Food

1.0-1.1 Missing Data
1.2-currently 15 Gems for 30,000 Food 45 Gems for 105,000 Food 100 Gems for 270,000 Food 250 Gems for 675,000 Food 650 Gems for 1,880,000 Food 1,000 Gems for 3,000,000 Food