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Frenzy Days

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Short on Food? Not enough Gold? Can't fuse Enchantment Materials without Trinkets? Frenzy Days are 24-hour events in which specific resources become abundant in Dragolandia!

A Frenzy Day is a rare, 24-hour period of time in which one of Food, Gold or Enchanted Trinkets becomes available in a larger amount than usual.

  • The amount of Enchanted Trinkets, obtained from absolutely any source, is doubled.
  • In the case of Gold, the production time is increased rather than Habitats holding more Gold than normal. 30% capacity is indicated by a Yellow Frenzy Days Gold Icon.png icon while a Green Frenzy Days Gold Icon.png icon appears near 100% capacity.
  • Any food quantity produced from Farms is increased by 1.5x, as indicated by the Frenzy Farming Button.png button upon selecting any Farm. Farms ready for harvest over the duration of the event are indicated with a Frenzy Days Food Icon.png icon. The increase applies to both Food that is planted during the event and Food that was planted before the beginning of the event.

The starting time of a Frenzy Day is 12:00 UTC.


Event Date Frenzy Type
20 December 2017 Enchanted Trinkets
27 December 2017 Gold
3 January 2018 Food
10 January 2018 Enchanted Trinkets
17 January 2018 Food
24 January 2018 Gold
2 July 2018 Food
2 August 2018 Gold
16 August 2018 Food