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A way to a dragon's heart is through its belly.

Farms are the only buildings in the game that can produce Food. Twelve different types of Foods are available to grow in the Farms which are divided into four tiers for each level of a Farm, where each level unlocks three different types of Food. Once a Farm is selected, pressing the Farming Button.png button will bring up all the types of Food available to grow in Farms, but Food that is currently level-locked will be grayed out. Additionally, when the player reaches Level 20, they receive the Multi-plant Button.png option which is used to plant the same type of Food on Farms that are idle. After that option is selected, the player will be shown how many Farms will produce the desired Food. When Food is ready to be harvested, the Yellow-Bordered Food Icon.png icon will be shown atop the Farm and Food can be simply collected by tapping it.

Once Farms are unlocked upon reaching Level 2, there is a limit to how many Farms can be built which gradually increases up to the maximum of 12 as the player levels up. All Farms are 5x5 square tiles in size, regardless of their level. Additionally, the only type of Food available to grow before defeating Quest 2 (Mountain Trail) in Normal Mode is Spiky Cherry, the very first one. The Win the battle at MOUNTAIN TRAIL notice.png notice is shown under the other types of Food until that quest is beaten.

From time to time, the Yellow-Bordered Gem Ad Icon.png icon will appear above a random Farm. Selecting the Farm when this occurs will give the player the option to watch an advertisement video in exchange for 1 Gem.

Level 1 Farm

Farm - Level 1.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 2. It costs 1,000 Gold and it takes 15 seconds to build one. When finished it yields 40 experience points.

Spiky Cherry Purplemon Sour Cone
Price: 3 Gold per Food

Time: 10 Food per minute

Spiky Cherry Information.png

Price: 6 Gold per Food

Time: 5 Food per minute

Purplemon Information.png

Price: 10 Gold per Food

Time: 2.5 Food per minute

Sour Cone Information.png

Level 2 Farm

Farm - Level 2.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 8. It costs 10,000 Gold and it takes 1 hour to upgrade one from a Level 1 Farm. When finished it yields 400 experience points.

Blue Hazel Dragonscale Dragolandic Berry

Price: 7.5 Gold per Food

Time: 1.7 Food per minute

Blue Hazel Information.png

Price: 10 Gold per Food

Time: 1.1 Food per minute

Dragonscale Information.png

Price: 10 Gold per Food

Time: 2 Food per minute

Dragolandic Berry Information.png

Level 3 Farm

Farm - Level 3.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 20. It costs 200,000 Gold and it takes 5 hours to upgrade one from a Level 2 Farm. When finished it yields 8,000 experience points.

Star Fruit Spring Cherry Sweetroot

Price: 12 Gold per Food

Time: 3.5 Food per minute

Star Fruit Information.png

Price: 26.7 Gold per Food

Time: 125 Food per minute

Spring Cherry Information.png

Price: 16 Gold per Food

Time: 17.4 Food per minute

Sweetroot Information.png

Level 4 Farm

Farm - Level 4.png

This Farm level is unlocked at Level 60. It costs 2,500,000 Gold and it takes 1 day to upgrade one from a Level 3 Farm. When finished it yields 100,000 experience points.

Squarey Berry Candied Pear Royal Fig

Price: 40 Gold per Food

Time: 111.11 Food per minute

Squarey Berry Information.png

Price: 19.231 Gold per Food

Time: 22.569 Food per minute

Candied Pear Information.png

Price: 30 Gold per Food

Time: 83.3 Food per minute

Royal Fig Information.png


Farm Limit

Player Level Farm Limit
Level 2 1
Level 4 2
Level 5 3
Level 7 4
Level 10 5
Level 13 6
Level 16 7
Level 19 8
Level 22 9
Level 25 10
Level 28 11
Level 30 12

Maximum Farms

See for more information

Farm Level Food 12 Farms
Amount[1] Template:Icon Cost Template:Icon
Level 1 Spiky Cherry 60 180 12
Purplemon 300 1,800 72
Sour Cone 900 9,000 360
Level 2 Blue Hazel 2,400 18,000 720
Dragonscale 4,800 48,000 1,920
Dragolandic Berry 18,000 180,000 7,200
Level 3 Star Fruit 60,000 720,000 28,800
Spring Cherry 90,000 2,400,000 96,000
Sweetroot 600,000 9,600,000 384,000
Level 4 Squarey Berry 480,000 19,200,000 768,000
Candied Pear 1,560,000 30,000,000 1,200,000
Royal Fig 1,440,000 43,200,000 1,728,000
  1. The amount is increased by 1.5 whenever a Food Frenzy Day is occurring.

Noteworthy Changes

  • Update 1.8 introduced the option to store some types of buildings in the inventory, with Farms receiving the Inventory Button.png option for this purpose.
  • Update 1.4 added a new upgrade for Farms and three new Food options.
  • Update 1.3 introduced the multi-plant option.