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Dragon Pieces

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Dragon Pieces Icon.png

Dragon Pieces are used to obtain Clan Dragons and Card Dragons. To obtain a Clan Dragon, all of the matching Puzzle Pieces must be collected through special card packs, which can be obtained from The Great Dragon Race event. There are several methods through which Card Dragons can be obtained. Some Dragons can only be obtained from various types of events, from Mystery Gifting or from promotional card packs which are made available for buying from time to time. Others can be obtained at all times or during a set timeframe from regular card packs.

Card Packs

Regular Card Packs

Purchasing regular card packs can be done through the Main Shop by selecting the "Card Packs" tab then choosing the desired pack or by opening the main interface of the Clan Fortress and then selecting the "Card Packs" button where the same selection of card packs will be displayed. To purchase the One-Card Pack or the Three-Card Pack, players must be Level 25 or higher and need Clan Coins to do so. The Five-Card Pack can be purchased with Gems regardless of whether a player joins or is in a Clan at all, but they must be at least Level 12. The first Five-Card Pack is free upon becoming a Clan member, after that packs must be purchased with either Clan Coins or Card Dragon Pack Tickets, or obtained through Daily Quests or events. Additionally, the One-Card Pack can be obtained for free every 12 hours by watching an ad video (and the player is obliged to watch it in order to be shown the purchase button and be able to buy more) and from completing the Daily Quests, while the other two card packs are sometimes offered as prizes through various events. The option to receive a One-Card Pack in exchange for watching a video is also available even if the player is lower than Level 25, but at least Level 12. The One-Card Pack received through Daily Quests is given to players of any level.

From time to time, during a set timeframe, various promotions are available within these card packs which can include the chance of obtaining Dragon Pieces for certain Limited-Time Dragons or an increased chance of obtaining one of the already-available Dragons.

One-Card Pack

Three-Card Pack
(Guaranteed one
Rare or higher)
Five-Card Pack
(Guaranteed one
Epic or higher)
750 Template:Icon 2,500 Template:Icon 4 25px

Clan Event Card Packs

These card packs can only be obtained from The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege events. There are two types of card packs. The first can only be obtained when a Clan scores a certain minimum and positions itself in the Top 7 while the second card pack can be obtained up to four times by reaching milestones. The first card pack gives Dragon Pieces only for Clan Dragons and the number varies from 1 to 6 in accordance to the final leaderboard rank. The second card pack gives Dragon Pieces for Dragons that can be obtained only through that event and the number varies from 1 to 5 depending on the league that Clan is currently in.

Clan Events - Grand Prize Card Pack.pngClan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png

Card Types/Puzzle Pieces

Each time a card pack is obtained, the indicated number of cards per pack obtained will be received. Each card has a rarity type and a Dragon Piece type. The rarity type indicates which Dragon Card Collection the card will match.

Card-Segment Dragons

Clan Dragons

Dragon Card Collections

Each Dragon Piece obtained is automatically added to the collective tally of pieces needed for the specific Dragon it matches. Once the required number of pieces are obtained for a specific Dragon, the Dragon egg can be collected and sent to the Hatchery. In addition, once all the pieces are obtained for Non-Clan Dragons, they will also be found in the Template:Icon under the Eggs Tab.png tab.

Card-Shop Collection

These collections can be obtained from the Card Shop at any given time through regular card packs containing corresponding Dragon Pieces.

Common Collection

Collect 5 matching
Common Pieces

Ceremony Dragon Pieces.png
Ceremony Dragon
Goblin Dragon Pieces.png
Goblin Dragon
Crusader Dragon Pieces.png
Crusader Dragon
Uncommon Collection

Collect 8 matching
Uncommon Pieces

Samurai Dragon Pieces.png
Samurai Dragon
Ninja Dragon Pieces.png
Ninja Dragon
Assassin Dragon Pieces.png
Assassin Dragon
Rare Collection

Collect 14 matching
Rare Pieces

Genie Dragon Pieces.png
Genie Dragon
Liquid Fire Dragon Pieces.png
Liquid Fire Dragon
Mummy Dragon Pieces.png
Mummy Dragon
Tick Tock Dragon Pieces.png
Tick Tock Dragon
Cookie Dragon Pieces.png
Cookie Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 20 matching
Epic Pieces

Robocluck Dragon Pieces.png
Robocluck Dragon
Paladin Dragon Pieces.png
Paladin Dragon
Kangaroo Dragon Pieces.png
Kangaroo Dragon
Piggy Bank Dragon Pieces.png
Piggy Bank Dragon
Legendary Collection

Collect 30 matching
Legendary Pieces

Guardian Dragon Pieces.png
Guardian Dragon
Verdant Dragon Pieces.png
Verdant Dragon

Limited Collection

These collections can only be obtained through card packs which can contain Dragon Pieces corresponding to one or more of these collections and are made available either through events or through purchasing from time to time.

Clan Events

See The Great Dragon Race and Clan Siege for more information

Uncommon Collection

Collect 8 matching
Uncommon Pieces

Knight Dragon Pieces.png
Knight Dragon
Noble Dragon Pieces.png
Noble Dragon
Rare Collection

Collect 14 or 20 matching
Rare Pieces

Skater Dragon Pieces.png
Skater Dragon
Quake Dragon Pieces.png
Quake Dragon
Treasure Dragon Pieces.png
Treasure Dragon
Hazmat Dragon Pieces.png
Hazmat Dragon
Orc Dragon Pieces.png
Orc Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 14 or 20 matching
Epic Pieces

Cinder Dragon Pieces.png
Cinder Dragon
Blazebird Dragon Pieces.png
Blazebird Dragon
Shuriken Dragon Pieces.png
Shuriken Dragon

Other Events

These Dragons are made available through various events, other than Clan Events, and can reappear in occasional promotions within regular card packs.

Rare Collection

Collect 40 matching
Rare Pieces

Cappuccino Dragon Pieces.png
Cappuccino Dragon
Heliotrope Dragon Pieces.png
Heliotrope Dragon
Leviathan Dragon Pieces.png
Leviathan Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 20 or 21 matching
Epic Pieces

Cheerleader Dragon Pieces.png
Cheerleader Dragon
Cupcake Dragon Pieces.png
Cupcake Dragon
Pipe Dragon Pieces.png
Pipe Dragon
Medalist Dragon Pieces.png
Medalist Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 22 matching
Epic Pieces

Dice Dragon Pieces.png
Dice Dragon
Scarecrow Dragon Pieces.png
Scarecrow Dragon
Snowman Dragon Pieces.png
Snowman Dragon
Painted Dragon Pieces.png
Painted Dragon
Eyeball Dragon Pieces.png
Eyeball Dragon
Snow Queen Dragon Pieces.png
Snow Queen Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 80 matching
Epic Pieces

Gryphon Dragon Pieces.png
Gryphon Dragon
Hellion Dragon Pieces.png
Hellion Dragon
Molten Dragon Pieces.png
Molten Dragon
Revelry Dragon Pieces.png
Revelry Dragon
Scarab Dragon Pieces.png
Scarab Dragon
Sunset Dragon Pieces.png
Sunset Dragon
Divine Collection

Collect 21, 40 or 120 matching
Epic Pieces

Hades Dragon Pieces.png
Hades Dragon
Hypnos Dragon Pieces.png
Hypnos Dragon
Hephaestus Dragon Pieces.png
Hephaestus Dragon
Poseidon Dragon Pieces.png
Poseidon Dragon
Zeus Dragon Pieces.png
Zeus Dragon

Weekly Offer

See Weekly Dragon Pieces for more information

One of each of these Dragons is made available in regular card packs for one week every few weeks in rotation.

Rare Collection

Collect 7 or 14 matching
Rare Pieces

Rastafari Dragon Pieces.png
Rastafari Dragon
Gargoyle Dragon Pieces.png
Gargoyle Dragon
Epic Collection

Collect 20 matching
Epic Pieces

Kitty Dragon Pieces.png
Kitty Dragon
Armory Dragon Pieces.png
Armory Dragon
Legendary Collection

Collect 30 matching
Legendary Pieces

Apocalypse Dragon Pieces.png
Apocalypse Dragon
Realm Dragon Pieces.png
Realm Dragon

Clan Collection

See Clans and Collection for more information

Uncommon Collection

Given for free

Chip Pieces.png
Rare Collection

Collect 2 or 5 matching
Rare Pieces

Ruptia Pieces.png
Striker Pieces.png
Epic Collection

Collect 8 or 14 matching
Epic Pieces

Gravelis Pieces.png
Amoura Pieces.png
Legendary Collection

Collect 20 matching
Legendary Pieces

Boone Pieces.png
Brimstone Pieces.png
Kutter Pieces.png

Mystery Gifting

See Gifting for more information

Epic Collection

Collect 100 matching
Epic Pieces

Enchantress Dragon Pieces.png
Enchantress Dragon

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