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Hello and welcome to the Dragon Mania Legends Wiki!

Bureaucrats are policymakers, they can grant or revoke user rights and, along with the rest of the staff, maintain the well-being of the wiki.

Administrators monitor chat rooms and comments, design and change the wiki theme, add and delete pages, create templates, and overall keep the wiki in order.

Moderators manage threads, comments and chat rooms, and flag inappropiate content.

If you want to learn more about user rights, then you can read this article.

If you have a question or concern, we are here to help, so feel free to ask us anything.


Monitors and patrols the wiki, developer. Template:Administrators/Active
Star Warden
Monitors and patrols the wiki, style and standard keeper, image caretaker, template manager. Template:Administrators/Active


Monitors and patrols the wiki, image & grammatical editor. Template:Administrators/Active
The Beaver of Bay Street
Monitors and patrols the wiki, page clean-up, theme designer. Template:Administrators/Active
Blazing Aquila
Monitors and patrols the wiki, removes inappropiate content. Template:Administrators/Active


Monitors and patrols threads, comments, chat rooms. Template:Administrators/Active
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