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This is an article that lists most of the frequently asked questions in regard to the game and its features. If you can not find an answer here, then use the Question & Answers section of the Forum or the support page to post your question, or browse Gameloft's FAQ. For frequently asked questions about the wiki, check the Wiki FAQ.


General Gameplay

Do I need to be on Facebook in order to add friends?

Mostly, yes. For more information read this: Friends and Wiki Friend Page. In addition, you can add yourself to the list on the latter page.

How do I color my text in the Clan chat?

Add # and a number between 1-7, before your text.
#1: Blue
#2: Green
#3: Red
#4: Yellow
#5: Orange
#6: Light Blue
#7: Purple

I have accidentally chosen another language that I do not understand. How do I switch back?

Press the Pause Button.png button in the top right corner of the game, then choose the second green button (in English, this is the Select Language Button.png button). From the selection of flags, choose the one that you desire.

Language Selection Window.png

How do I move my buildings?

As long as the building is not being built or upgraded, tap and hold it to move it to a new location.

Can I sell buildings?

The Habitats can be sold only when they are empty, not being built or upgraded. Other buildings can be sold when they are not undergoing any activity. Only then will the selling symbol appear. The Dragon Academy, Temples, Breeding Den and Hatchery are unsellable. To sell a building, select it then, if available, choose the Sell Button.png button.

What should I save my Gems for?

Leveling up the Ancient Portal (with more energy units you can hire a Dragon from one of your friends on the battle maps and can also battle more). Leveling up the Hatchery (so you can hatch more eggs at the same time). Purchase the VIP Status (because battle rewards on the world map get increased by 50%, and on higher levels, that is a huge amount of Gold). If you absolutely want, buying a Boss Habitat and a Boss Dragon (they can not be bred, only bought with Gems, and they increase your Gold income by 10 percent).

Where can I find the Dragon Codex, Daily Quests, Clockwork Dungeon?

  • 1. It appears only after you reached Level 4. It will then appear in the upper right-hand portion of the screen.
  • 2. In the bottom-left corner of the battle map, only after you have beaten Quest 15 in Normal Mode.
  • 3. It will appear between the second and third islands after you have beaten Quest 44 in Normal Mode. In addition, an icon leading you to the Dungeon will appear next to the Daily Quests icon.

What happens if my VIP Status expires while I am participating in a VIP-only event? Does it also affect my VIP Level?

Even if your VIP period is over, you will still remain as a participant for the remainder of that event. The VIP Level is also unaffected. Additionally, any progress the player accumulated in that event will not be lost.

How can I raise my VIP Level?

Through the purchase of Gems. For more information: VIP Levels.

Do effects from the same technique stack (i. e. does the effect Stone Shield from two different Dragons combine)?

According to the information we have, skills such as Stone Shield and Dark Clouds coming from two different Dragons do not stack. Of these skills, a primary effect (such as Stone Shield) can be stacked with a secondary effect (such as Vengeful Sword) on one Dragon, but two primary effects – casting two shields on the same Dragon - will only cause the stronger shield to replace the weaker one. However, the primary effects of skills which do damage over time (such as Poison, Slow Burn, Death Mark, and Creeping Shadows) can be stacked when used by different casters upon the same target. In addition, Vengeful Sword is stackable when coming from two different Dragons.

How do I get more stars for a battle on the battle map?

Read this article.

My friends are sending me blue Gems. What can I do with them?

The blue Gems are Portal Gems that are used to refill the energy bar when you battle on the Campaign Map. Even if you are stuck at one point on the battle map, you can redo old Side Quest battles (a Scroll symbol hovering over their point means you can replay and win a Scroll and Gold). Keep in mind that you can not hold more than 200 Portal Gems in your inventory Inventory Icon.png, the place where you keep track of them.

What are the purple tokens that seem to be related to Clan Dragons?

That one is called a Clan Dragon Power Token and they are used as an alternative to using Clan Coins when activating the power of a Clan Dragon.

Do I lose Clan Coins if I leave my Clan?

No. Your Clan Coins are an individual resource, not pertaining to collective total of the Clan. The only thing you lose when leaving a Clan is the number of donations you have made during Clan Events.

How do I enable/disable push notifications and/or the sound?

Push notifications (the ones used to remind you about certain features taking place in the game) and sound are both enabled by default. In order to disable them or enable them again, press the Pause Button.png button, then navigate to the Settings Button 2.png option where you will have both aforementioned menus.

Pressing the Notifications Button.png button will bring up a complete list of notifications sent by the game and enabling/disabling them can simply be done by checking/unchecking the box next to them (x means they are enabled).

Note that the game might occasionally send notifications of other kinds that can not be found under this menu. Disabling these can only be done from within your respective device's app settings.

Pressing the Sound Settings Button.png button will bring up a menu where you have the option to turn down/up the (general) sound volume or/and music volume, or to enable/disable both by pressing the Sound Button.png button.

Note that sound from watching ad videos in the game will not be disabled, even if the sound is completely disabled in the game. The ad sound can only be disabled from within your respective device's settings.

About Dragons

How can I find which Dragon I am currently breeding?

Use the Breeding Calculator or the Table of Dragons.

What happens when you breed two Legendary or Divine Dragons together?

They will both pass only one Element from the ones the player has already unlocked. Read more about it here: Breeding

Does upgrading the Breeding Den increase my chance for breeding Dragons?

No. Upgrading the Breeding Den is only for breeding Enchantment Dragons.

Which of my Dragons is rented by my friends for battles?

The highest-leveled Dragon that you have. In the case where there are more at the same level, the one that has the highest attack among them.

Can I breed the Dragon of the Week using another combination than the one given by the game?

No, the in-game combination is the only one that can result in the weekly.

Can I breed the Dragon of the Month using other Elements than the ones given by the game?

No, the combination of Elements given by the game is the only one that can result in the monthly.

Can I breed the Dragon of the Week/Month more than once?

Yes. As long as that Dragon is still available as Dragon of the Week/Month, you can breed it as many times as you want for the duration of that period.

If I manage to breed the Dragon of the Week/Month with fewer hours left on the timer than its breeding time, will I still get it?

Of course. The game will not transform your Dragon into another one, even though the breeding is finished when the weekly/monthly has already expired. The result is determined when you start breeding, so even if a Dragon is not breedable at the end of the breeding, you will still get it if it was breedable at the start of the breeding and the timer matched.

If I breed two enchanted Dragons together, or, at least, if one of the parents is enchanted, will the offspring become enchanted, as well?

No. Dragons can only be enchanted in the Enchantment Altar using specific Enchantment Materials and Gold.

Can I rename my Dragons?

Yes. Select the Habitat that has the Dragon you want to rename then tap its icon. From there, tap the Information Button.png button in the bottom-left corner, then choose the Rename Button.png button from the given options.

Is there a faster way to pet my Dragons to earn Gold/Gems, without waiting for the animation to end in between the three turns?

Yes, tap rapidly on your Dragon instead of swiping.

Technical Issues

What is a Gameloft Player ID?

The Gameloft Player ID, colloquially known as the Customer ID, is a code specific to each player in the game used to identify that player by the game developers. It is used when sending a ticket to Gameloft in cases where issues need to be resolved or when requesting the transfer of the game progress from one operating system to another. The code can be found by pressing the Pause Button.png button, then going to the Info Button.png section and then the About Button.png section. The code will be listed next to Gameloft Player ID.

I have added friends on Facebook, but I do not see them on my friend list in the game itself.

Platform/server limitation

Your friends need to be on the same platform as you are. iOS, Android, and Windows users do not see each other. It is also necessary for you to be on the same server. There are only two servers currently: apa and eur. These servers might be marked with the word gold, but it makes no difference, with or without it, when it comes to adding friends or other server-related events. In order to find out the server you are on, press the Pause Button.png button, then go to Info Button.png and then About Button.png. The name of the server is written next to Save Data Server. There is also a limit to the number of friends one can have on the list, so even though you and your friends are both on the same platform and server, they will not show up on your list if you have reached the friend limit or vice versa. Currently, the limit is 200.


When giving DML access to Facebook, make sure you give the game permission to use your friend list. In case you forgot to do it, exit the game. Then navigate on Facebook, and access the Apps section of settings, then click on Dragon Mania Legends from the list. In the window that appears, make sure the Friend list option is enabled (a white check mark on a blue background). If this does not work, press the Pause Button.png button in-game, tap on "Social" then tap on "Connect to social network" and log your Facebook account out. After that, go back to the same Apps section on Facebook and delete Dragon Mania Legends from the list. Then connect your Facebook account with the game again, making sure to give the game the permission to access your friend list.

I want to transfer my progress to another device or operating system. Is that possible?

Another device

The same game may be played on multiple devices of the same platform by logging into the same account (through Facebook, Google Gamer ID or X-Box Live) where the progress is stored. If you prefer not to use an external account such as the aforementioned ones, then you can press the Pause Button.png button and choose the Link A Device Button.png option from the menu. After you select the Show Code Button.png button, a 10-minute code will be generated that can be entered on the desired device by going to the same window and pressing the Enter Code Button.png button, as long as it is on the same Operating system as the origin device.

NOTE: Do not share your code with anyone!

Another operating system

The game does not support cross-platform, therefore, there is no possibility to use the same account on a different platform. In order to transfer your progress to another platform, follow the instructions below:

Method 1 - Inside the game

1. Sign into the game on the original device
2. Connect the game to Facebook with the same account that you will use in the new device
3. Press the Pause Button.png button and then the Customer Care Button 2.png button inside the game
4. Scroll to the bottom and choose "My problem is not listed as a known issue"
5. Complete the necessary information carefully 6. (If available) choose "Gameplay Issues" for the Select an issue option, and "Other" for the Sub-issue option
7. Write your request as clear as possible under the Description section, making sure to include your Gameloft Player ID (which can be found by pressing the Pause Button.png in the game, then going to Info and then About) and your Recruitment Code
8. Sign into the game on the destination device
9. In the new device, connect the game to the same Facebook account that you connected in the old device
10. Repeat steps 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

Method 2 - Outside the game

1. Access this form
2. Complete it with the necessary information
3. Choose "Gameplay Issues" for the Select an issue option, and "Other" for the Sub-issue option
4. Write your request as clear as possible under the Description section, making sure to include your Gameloft Player ID and your Recruitment Code
5. Wait for a reply from Customer Care, then follow their instructions from there on


Have in mind that, after the transfer is performed, the data in your previous device will be deleted.
Once Customer Care receives your request and your confirmation that you want this operation, the transfer can be performed.

The transfer procedure is not instant and can take between one day and one week or even longer.

I want to transfer my game progress from one Facebook account to another. Is that possible?

In order to do this, you will need to know the Facebook ID of both of your accounts. You can use this tool to look for it. After that you will need to send a request to Gameloft via this form specifying the ID of the account from where you want to transfer the progress and the ID of the account to where you want to transfer the progress. Choose "Gameplay Issues" for the Select an issue option, and "Other" for the Sub-issue option. Write your request as clear as possible under the Description section, making sure to include your Gameloft Player ID (which can be found by pressing the Pause Button.png in the game, then going to Info and then About) and the aforementioned Facebook ID.

Is it possible to change my server?

Yes. Contact Gameloft via this form, write your request as clear as possible under the Description section and make sure to include your Gameloft Player ID (which can be found by pressing the Pause Button.png in the game, then going to Info and then About). In order to have your progress transferred, as well, you will have to include your Facebook ID, as well. You can find it using this tool. Be aware that if you reinstall your game after that, the server will switch back to the original one, thus you would have to repeat the process.
If you happen to be in a country that is on a different server than yours, it is easier to switch servers by uninstalling and reinstalling the game while there. The rough distribution of the servers is as follows: countries from Europe, the Americas, and Africa are on EUR, while countries from Asia and Oceania are on APA. Exceptions might show up depending on the player's settings or even internet stability, but, generally, the distribution is respected.

Will my server change if I move to a region that is on a different server?

Not unless you reinstall the game. Server detection is first done when the game starts up for the first time after the game was just installed and then saved. Uninstalling and installing triggers the detection again. For example, if you start the game in any country from Europe, the Americas, or Africa you will be playing on EUR. If you then travel to any country from Asia, you will remain on EUR because that value is still cached for you. If you re-install the game while in Asia, you will trigger a detection which will switch you to APA.

Some Dragons and buildings in the game are displayed as black silhouettes with question marks on them.

Tap the Dragons/buildings in question and download the additional data required by the game. If needed, restart the game.

I have to download 0.0 MB additional data, but the game will not let me.

There are several issues that can cause this to occur. The most frequent one is that your internet connection is unstable. Restart the game and make sure you are as close as possible to the wireless router (if you are using a mobile device) and no one else is using it except for you. In case your wireless has a weak signal, use mobile data. Alternatively, you can restart your device and router and retry. If neither of the two works, clear your app cache for DML. For iOS and Windows, you will need to download a cache cleaner from the store. For Android, go to settings -> apps -> DragonML -> clear cache. If that does not work either, try and delete some unused apps as the issue might be caused by insufficient memory. In case nothing works, contact Gameloft.

What happens if I did not receive all the features in the game that are normally there?

This situation can sometimes happen after a game update. In order to download the missing features, press the Pause Button.png button, then go to the bottom of the menu and press the Downloadable Content Button.png button then press the Download All Button.png button. If the button is grayed out, it means you have all the available features. Downloading missing features does not negatively affect the game progress (i.e. you can not lose your game progress by doing this).