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Dragon Mania Legends Wiki:Copyrights

Original Dragon Mania Legends Wiki articles, images, and general content are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike International license.

  In short, this means that you may copy and modify DMLW content provided that:

  • You attribute it to DMLW.
  • It is not for commercial purposes.
  • The resulting work is also licensed under the same copyright as the DMLW content.


Most DMLW content is licensed under the above-mentioned terms, except information originally taken from projects of the Wikimedia Foundation (mostly Wikipedia and MediaWiki), which is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

The vast majority of the images on this site belong exclusively to Gameloft, they do not fall under DMLW's license. Anyone wishing to use these images must contact Gameloft to receive the appropriate permissions. The same laws apply to using other forms of content belonging exclusively to Gameloft. Images that were not created by Gameloft usually have a header called Licensing on their respective page.


Dragon Mania Legends © 2015-2018 and Dragon Mania Legends character names and images are trademarks of Gameloft.