Please remember to make use of the Manual of Style and Code of Conduct during your stay on the wiki.

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The Dragon Mania Legends Wikia is a user-written guide created to provide a reliable source for information about the Dragon Mania Legends game. When contributors follow a set formula for editing it allows users to browse and locate information in a consistent format. The following policies describe the required code of conduct as well as the accepted standards for editing put in place to keep articles uniform and reliable. As this guide is a constant work in progress, policies are subject to change.

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Code of Conduct

General - The general Code of Conduct is a common sense outline of accepted social behavior.

  • This site is used by children and adults alike, be respectful and protect yourself and your personal information.
  • Excessive profanity, violence, sexual content, and soliciting are not allowed.


  • All posts should be used for game related topics.
  • Clan discussions, issues, and invites are not to be posted on the wiki. They should be posted in the Gameloft Forums here: Clans
  • Friend requests and recruitment codes do not belong in the comments, chats, or forums. The Wiki Friend Page was created specifically for the purpose of allowing users to share this information easily in one place and any posts of such outside this page is a violation. However, it is forbidden to share your information in the edit summary of that page (as well as any page for that matter). You are only allowed to add your information in a corresponding table on that page.
  • Be civil - Even if someone is being rude or irrational it will not help the situation to respond with negative remarks. If you are unable to resolve an issue, contact an administrator for assistance.

User Page and User Talk Page

For your own protection, we highly recommend that you be selective in what information you put out there. You would be surprised at how little information a person needs to hack something, stalk someone or steal their identity.

User Names and Accounts

User Names - A member's user name is to be unique to the individual creating the account and is not, by design, to be created in a manner such that it would appear to be rude, obscene or an attempt at impersonating another person, business or staff member. Furthermore, any attempt to bypass this rule using leet speak or any other method will not be tolerated. Any account that is in violation of this policy is subject to permanent banning.

Accounts - Each individual is only allowed to create one account. The creation of multiple accounts is prohibited and any attempt to create additional accounts to evade bans, whether temporary or permanent, will result in the additional accounts being blocked indefinitely and could result in the permanent block of the main account as well. Exceptions may be given if the user desiring to create more than one account provides a valid reason.

If you are concerned that your user name is in violation or feel it is necessary to change it, do not create a new account in an effort to do so. Instead, contact a member of the staff to request a rename.


All content should be in relation to the Dragon Mania Legends game. All contributions must be factual and any added content must follow the Manual of Style and Editing Central guidelines. If something is not covered in the manual then an administrator should be contacted to answer any questions.

Creating Pages

User Page and User Talk Page - These pages may be edited to a members' liking to the extent that they do not violate any of the policies.

All other pages - When creating a new page, one must make use of the pre-defined models. If an article model is not listed for what a member wishes to create, an administrator must be contacted to submit the potential article and contents for approval first. Article models are also provided near the bottom of the Manual of Style for the acceptable formats of approved article creation. Simply click on the link for the type of article you are going to create, copy the article code and insert into the article you are creating.


Proper procedure for:

DML Wiki Images - DML Wiki Images are images that are used on the DML Wiki in articles about the DML game. Proper images, image naming and cropping for this purpose are defined in the Manual of Style. These images can be uploaded directly to the DML Wiki by clicking the Upload file or Upload multiple files" links in the menu in the left of any page, under the 'tools' section or by using these links:

A list of missing photos has been compiled here:

Non-Wiki images - Images created for personal use must be uploaded and saved onto a separate site.

  • Comments - To post a link to the image (such as must be used for comments) you can upload your images to a site such as Lightshot or Imgur. Sites like these scramble the links, so images won't show here.
  • User Talk Page/Forums/User Page - Actual images may be posted on these pages rather than a link. To do so you can use a site like Photobucket. Simply follow these steps:
    • Upload the image to your Photobucket account
    • Edit it to the size you want (this is important as the size cannot be changed here).
    • Copy the 'direct link' and paste it into your user or talk page edit box (do not use any brackets, just the link).

Directly uploading images to the DML Wiki for personal use is not allowed. DML Wiki images may be used on the User Page and User Talk Page as well.


Be careful when editing. Pages that need editing and the type of editing needed are explained in the Editing Central article. All edits should be concise and factual. If you see something inappropriate, though, report it immediately. If you upload something accidentally or misname an image, contact an administrator to ask to have it deleted or renamed. Additionally, placing the {{delete}} template on a page and stating the reason will tag the page as a candidate for deletion.


Warnings - A warning is written on your Discussion/User Talk Page in regard to the violation.

  • Warnings are given for what is considered to be a minor infraction, especially where it appears a person misunderstood or was unaware of certain policies.

Temporary Blocks/Bans - Accounts are temporarily blocked for anywhere from 1 hour up depending on violation and history of violations.

  • Repeated offenses after receiving a written warning will result in a temporary block.

Permanent Blocks/Bans - Permanent removal from the site.

  • Repeated offenses after receiving multiple written warnings and blocks.
  • Obvious vandalism, inappropriate content (nudity/pornography/violence), spamming or scamming WILL result in an instant ban.

Reporting Violations, Questions and Suggestions

Contact an Adminstrator directly