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Breeding Calculator.gif
Below is information related to the Breeding Calculators and the links to them.

The first calculator is a visual one that works by selecting Dragons that are being used, selecting desired Elements (which can be good for team building), or selecting the Dragon that is wanted to be bred. The calculator also links to any of the Dragons' pages and includes the Dragon of the Month and the Dragon of the Week. The breeding results include both normal and VIP breeding times. The current calculator was inspired by the original version developed by Vercanos.

The second calculator has odds and expected times and can be used in a variety of languages. It includes both normal and VIP timers, Dragon of the Week and Dragon of the Month, and a reverse function which also shows other offsprings from any given combination.

Any errors/bugs encountered should be added under the Known Errors section below.

Calculator 1 Notes

Current Version: 3.6 (11/02/2016)

  • Reverse calculator function
  • Optimized for mobile use as well
  • Includes a team building option with analysis and statistics
  • Option to keep track of the Dragons you already have
  • Option to search Dragons by Elements
  • Chat
Developer: Berna80fb


Calculator 1

Calculator 2 Notes

  • Reverse calculator function
  • Optimized for mobile use as well
  • Odds and expected
  • Side outcomes when used in reverse
Developer: Josephseeley


Known Errors

Please note that these calculators are property of their respective developers and, as such, we can not be held liable for the information present there. Whenever a response is submitted via the form below, we take steps to inform the developer, but it is entirely up to them if they apply the suggested changes or not, as well as if they keep them up to date or not.

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