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Rare Epic
Legendary Divine

The type is a descriptive term that defines the different tiers of rarity by which Dragons and other gameplay elements are classified. There are five levels of rarity in ascending order, namely Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. In terms of Dragons, rarities affect the Gold production of those that generate Gold. Clan Dragons and Boss Dragons are unaffected as they do not produce Gold with Boss Dragons only speeding up the production of the other Dragons. While not exactly a rarity, Boss Dragons have a separate classification called the Boss rank. Additionally, when it comes to breeding, the higher the rarity of a Dragon is, the more chances there are it will produce rarer offspring, while when it comes to being bred, the rarer the Dragon is, the longer it will typically take to be obtained.

While rarities mostly apply to Dragons, they are also attributed to other game features, such as chests awarded for exploring ruins, potions in the Enchantment League, or recipes in the The Great Dragon Race event. The lower a feature is classified, the easier it will be to obtain it and the more prevalent it will be, but will also display weaker or inferior characteristics and will yield fewer rewards where applicable.

Rarity AttributesEdit

See Notable Formulas or Tables for information on calculating them

Rarities, along with Elements, influence the attributes of a Dragon. Rarities influence the Base Gold per Hour stat and breeding.

Types Common Uncommon Rare Epic Legendary Divine
# Dragons 53 23 70 216 38 9
Breeding 0 Hours 2 Hours 6 Hours 8 Hours 48 Hours 96 Hours
Gold/Hour 0 10 70 120 270 370

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