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VIP Status

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VIP Tickets.png

Players who have VIP status receive special bonuses and exclusive features to their account for the duration of time that the VIP status is active. Players with an active VIP status will have a purple background on friend lists and on various rankings while those without an active status will have a dark gray background. Additionally, VIP players will have a VIP Status Icon.png badge on their picture, which, depending on their preference, will or will not display the player's VIP level. When the VIP status is active, the VIP Ticket.png icon at the top of the screen will display its duration. When inactive, it will be grayed out Inactive VIP Ticket.png.

The basic (Level 1) VIP bonuses include:

Interface[edit | edit source]

VIP Interface.png

Pressing the Extra Button.png at the top of the main screen next to the active or inactive VIP Ticket will bring a window where the player can see whether their VIP status is active or inactive, their current VIP level in the left of the window and on the VIP Status Icon.png badge, the next VIP level in the right of the current one, as well as the option to navigate between levels, the benefits of each VIP level listed under them, the option to check or uncheck if to have their VIP level displayed on leaderboards, the total amount of Gems the player purchased and the total amount of Gems needed to reach the next VIP level, and the Extra Button.png, Buy VIP Ticket Button.png and Information Button.png buttons. Pressing the first button will take the player to the screen where they can purchase Gems in exchange for real currency. Pressing the second button will take the player to the screen where they can purchase one of three available VIP Tickets and pressing the third button will bring up a screen with some of the basic VIP benefits.

Additionally, after each Campaign Map or Clockwork Dungeon battle won, if the player does not have active VIP status, the Buy VIP Ticket Button.png button will be shown under the VIP chest and pressing it will access the same interface as above.

VIP Levels[edit | edit source]

VIP levels give players with an active VIP membership extra features in addition to the basic ones. There are 12 different VIP levels and they are obtained through the purchase of Gems in exchange for real currency. Once a VIP level is obtained it is permanent. All players that had their accounts created before these levels were introduced (Update 1.8) received, at least, VIP Level 2. Accounts created after they were introduced start at Level 1. Players have the option of hiding their VIP level wherever their VIP status is displayed to other players.

Important Icon.png Only purchases of Gems count towards the VIP level, whether they come from purchasing them directly or from the Clam, bundles or other various in-game promotions.

Activated Bonus Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Level 12
VIP Ticket Reward[1] None 1
Required Individual Gems Bought None 99 651 1,500 3,350 5,900 7,500 9,000 11,500 14,500 18,500 22,500
Required Total Gems Bought None 99 750 2,250 5,600 11,500 19,000 28,000 39,500 54,000 72,500 95,000
Daily Login Bonus Normal +50% +100% +200%
Free Ruin Refresh None 1/day 2/day 3/day 4/day 5/day
Breeding & Hatching Time Reduction[2] None 20%
Dungeon Token Multiplier
Extra Duration
None 8 hours 10 hours 12 hours 14 hours
Gold Vault Available No Yes
Gold Vault Cooldown - 6 hours 5 hours 4 hours 3 hours
Ancient Portal Golden Skin Available[3] No Yes
Autocombat Available No Yes
Autocombat Free Tickets/Day - 6 8 10 12
Autocombat Ticket Purchase
Daily Limit
- 20 30 40 50
Dragon Auto-Trainining No Yes
VIP Dragons Unlocked[4] - Mystic Dragon - Elixir Dragon - Midnight Dragon - Calavera Dragon - Quadwing Dragon - Tiki Dragon
  1. One ticket is awarded per new VIP level, once the level is reached, beginning with Level 2.
  2. Does not apply to Clan Dragons.
  3. Option can be used even without an active VIP status, as long as the player's VIP level is at least 5.
  4. There are 6 Dragons made available, at different levels, while VIP status is active. Dragons unlocked on lower VIP levels will remain unlocked as higher levels are reached. While available, they can be bred or purchased with Gems.

VIP Tickets[edit | edit source]

VIP Ticket Price.png

The purchase of VIP Tickets can only be done with Gems and will last for various durations depending upon purchase.

VIP Ticket 2 Days 7 Days 20 Days
Price 49 Gems 149 Gems 199 Gems
First Purchase Notice.png

The above three tickets are automatically activated upon purchase and for the number of days specified. Tickets obtained from other methods can be activated individually by going to the inventory inventory and pressing the Activate Button.png option and one ticket will last for a period of 24 hours. Seven tickets are given to players who have made their first in-app purchase with real currency, regardless of the price and item bought. Tickets can also be obtained from the Totem of Friendship, where one is given for reaching 2,400 Friendship Points, three are given for reaching 17,000 Friendship Points, and seven are given for reaching 80,000 Friendship Points. Additionally, one ticket is given upon reaching Level 10 and one ticket can be given at random after reaching the maximum level, every time a user earns the same experience that was needed to reach that last level from the second-last level. They can also be won from Faction Events or can be given as gifts from Gameloft for various occasions or celebrations.

Time Conversion Table[edit | edit source]

  • (VIP Hours * 60 + VIP Minutes) * 1.25 = Non VIP Minutes
  • (Non VIP Hours * 60 + Non VIP Minutes) * 0.8 = VIP Minutes
  • When breeding or hatching a Dragon, only the first two units of time are shown.
30s 24s
5m 4m
10m 8m
30m 24m
45m 36m
1h 48m
1h 12m 1h
1h 30m 1h 12m
2h 1h 36m
2h 30m 2h
3h 2h 24m
3h 30m 2h 48m
4h 3h 12m
4h 30m 3h 36m
5h 4h
5h 30m 4h 24m
6h 4h 48m
6h 30m 5h 12m
7h 5h 36m
7h 30m 6h
8h 6h 24m
8h 30m 6h 48m
8h 50m 7h 4m
9h 7h 12m
9h 30m 7h 36m
9h 40m 7h 44m
10h 8h
10h 30m 8h 24m
11h 8h 48m
11h 20m 9h 4m
11h 30m 9h 12m
12h 9h 36m
12h 30m 10h
13h 10h 24m
13h 30m 10h 48m
13h 50m 11h 4m
14h 11h 12m
14h 30m 11h 36m
15h 12h
15h 30m 12h 24m
16h 12h 48m
16h 10m 12h 56m
16h 20m 13h 4m
16h 30m 13h 12m
16h 50m 13h 28m
17h 13h 36m
17h 30m 14h
18h 14h 24m
18h 30m 14h 48m
19h 15h 12m
19h 20m 15h 28m
19h 30m 15h 36m
19h 40m 15h 44m
20h 16h
20h 30m 16h 24m
20h 40m 16h 32m
20h 50m 16h 40m
21h 16h 48m
21h 30m 17h 12m
21h 40m 17h 16m
22h 17h 36m
22h 30m 18h
23h 18h 24m
23h 30m 18h 48m
1d 19h 12m
1d 20m 19h 28m
1d 1h 20h
1d 2h 20h 48m
1d 2h 30m 21h 12m
1d 2h 40m 21h 20m
1d 3h 21h 36m
1d 4h 22h 24m
1d 4h 40m 22h 56m
1d 4h 50m 23h 4m
1d 5h 23h 12m
1d 5h 20m 23h 28m
1d 6h 1d
1d 7h 1d 48m
1d 8h 1d 1h 36m
1d 10h 1d 3h 12m
1d 12h 1d 4h 48m
1d 14h 1d 6h 24m
1d 16h 1d 8h
2d 1d 14h 24m
2d 9h 1d 21h 36m
2d 9h 40m 1d 22h 8m

Noteworthy Changes[edit | edit source]

Old VIP classes
  • Update 1.9 gave the players the ability to hide their VIP level from other players.
  • Update 1.8 introduced the VIP levels and changed the background for players with active VIP Status to be purple on leaderboards. Before this update, the VIP Tickets were divided between three classes, namely Silver (2 days), Gold (7 days) and Royal (20 days). Users who had a lower VIP tier and bought a better ticket had their entire VIP period converted to the higher tier. Before this very same update, the 20% breeding & hatching time reduction was exclusive to Royal VIP users.
  • Update 1.4 activated the Totem of Friendship which gives VIP Tickets for reaching certain milestones.
  • Update 1.1 added a feature that visibly shows whether players have VIP active or inactive. Starting with this update, players reaching Level 10 receive one VIP Ticket. Players who were already Level 10 or higher at the time of the update automatically received the ticket. Additionally, the rewards earned after winning battles were doubled before this update and were lowered to 50% starting with this update.
  • At some point in the game, in the first version (Version 1.0), the price to buy the third VIP Ticket was 99 Gems instead of 199 as it is currently.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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Anonymous user #14

2 months ago
Score 0++

every time you collect gems from the clam it gets added to your

vip total gem to make you go up one vip level

Anonymous user #13

3 months ago
Score 0++
if you have x4 one day VIP tickets, will you use them all?

Star Warden

3 months ago
Score 0++
You can use them one at a time.

Anonymous user #12

3 months ago
Score 0++
yes vip

Anonymous user #11

8 months ago
Score 0++
Over $3,200 US for lvl 12 VIP? No thx, lol.


15 months ago
Score 0++
Say you have 30 1-day VIP Tickets. If you try to use, all tickets will get activated for 30 days or one of them going to get activated, only?

Star Warden

15 months ago
Score 0++
Only one.

Anonymous user #9

16 months ago
Score 1++
So you need to pay 2500€ to reach vip 12, really expensive!!

Anonymous user #8

17 months ago
Score 0++
I bought gems to get a VIP status, but it says it is only active for 7 days. I thought it was supposed to be permanent.

Star Warden

17 months ago
Score 0++
The VIP level, not status. Read carefully, they are two different things.


17 months ago
Score 0++
2d 16h is timer for what?

Anonymous user #1

18 months ago
Score 0++

I wish Dragon Mania Legends is had more cool features in the next Update 1.9 just like DragonVale, Dragon Story, Dragon City, Monster Legends, Fantasy Forest Story, and Dragons World. Dragon Mania Legends should have features it does not have and are exclusive to the other DragonVale clones like the Dragon Renaming feature.

1. Change dragon name

2. Dragons with a unique animation and have no recolors. Recolors are getting over used which is annoying and boring. The same thing goes to Dragon Story and Fantasy Forest Story because they are also over using the same body shape.

3. Release normal non-event breedable dragons very often every week just like what DragonVale, Dragon Story, and Dragons World does.

4. Elements should have even more skills.

5. Dragon Mania Legends should also have a Spin to Win just like Dragon Story and Fantasy Forest Story. I love that feature!

6. Dragon Mania Legends should have four element dragons just like DragonVale, Dragon City, and Dragons World.

7. Dragon Mania Legends should have Outer Elements, Middle Elements, and Inner Elements just like Dragons World.

Outer Elements would be Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water because they are the weakest elements in the game. Middle Elements would be Plant, Metal, Energy, and Void. Inner Elements would be Light and Shadow because they critical hit lots of elements. Legendary would be the most Inner Element because it is strong.

Anonymous user #1

18 months ago
Score 0++
Also, the Dragon Mania Legends Dragons should have Special Attacks just like the Monsters from Monster Legends. Dragon Mania Legends should also have a more advanced order of attack thingy just like Dragons World. Rarest and highest level dragons would attack first.

Anonymous user #1

18 months ago
Score 0++
It should also have dragons that earn premium currencies instead of coins just like DragonVale (Gems) and Dragon Story (Gold).

Anonymous user #5

18 months ago
Score 0++
If gameloft add all that I will be one of first people who stop playing DML. After each update this game becomes worse.

Anonymous user #7

18 months ago
Score 0++
I believe DML is like Dragon Story and Fantasy Story, they also use body types, but Gameloft calls them "styles"

Anonymous user #10

14 months ago
Score 0++
The Outer, inner, Middle elements in DW is like dragon mania legends' battle system.

Anonymous user #6

18 months ago
Score 0++
o_O Whoa. The censors/PC police are out in full force. That's funny. And sad. This will probably get deleted, too. If you're going to delete one, why not delete them all? Better yet, why have comments? Hmm, it appears we all have the ability to delete every comment. Such power! (Shh! I don't wanna hear it, Uncle Ben!)


18 months ago
Score 0++
What does auto combat do? I'm a VIP now but I don't buy any gems so I'm still on level 2 VIP.


18 months ago
Score 0++
I never purchased a single gem yet they put me in VIP 2. I never did purchase & i am not going too!


18 months ago
Score 0++
I had 50 gems on my tablet then, I spent 49 gems on a 2 day VIP and got a 1 day VIP ticket. Now I have 1 gem. 😞

Anonymous user #3

18 months ago
Score 0++

What is each player's VIP level after the update? I was placed into VIP 3 but I'm pretty sure that I've spent a tremendous lot more gems in the past. It seems really unfair that this just goes to waste now.

Also, what the hell, 95000 gems for the top level will be pretty unachievable to most players. It means that you've paid a total of 2500 Euros on this game, totally crazy! :D Whoever does that is really stupid.


18 months ago
Score 0++
I probably only purchased gems once and that too it wasnt even a lot, yet i'm also in vip level 3. so yeah, its unfair to you

Anonymous user #4

18 months ago
Score 0++
Anonymous users #3 and #4, you are absolutely right. Gameloft has just shown how greedy they truly are. Thia is supposed to be a FREE game, not a fee game. I was already disgusted with all the players who "Gem" their way to the top of food and gold events. This is just too much!!!!!

Anonymous user #5

18 months ago
Score 0++
$2500 equal to entire year expense for insurance and maintenance of my two cars.


17 months ago
Score 0++
It's true that gameloft is greedy now. I'd never spend one cent on a game. I love the game but I will not waist money on something on a screen

Tricolor Dragon

18 months ago
Score 1++
OMFG, I detest all those VIP levels, VIP dragons etc. This last update was terrible.

Anonymous user #2

18 months ago
Score 0++
Hello the "time conversion table" it s the différence to breed VIP/not VIP? And wen i go in island to DML playeur vip in event,i look on the left to the name one nombre, VIP level 2 or 9 the nombre is the same, somebody know what is this nombre?

Anonymous user #1

18 months ago
Score 0++
What is a VIP level?