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Update 3.0

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Release Date[edit | edit source]

  • Android, iOS & Windows - 12 July 2017

Noteworthy Changes[edit | edit source]

  • The Gold Vault is now available to all VIP levels.
  • The Attack Icon (Old).png icon has been replaced by the Attack Icon.png icon while the Exclamation Point (Old).png icon has been replaced by the Exclamation Point.png icon.
  • Creating a Clan can now only be done at Level 30 instead of 25.
  • Opening Enchantment chests and obtaining potions from cauldrons is no longer done automatically, the player now has to tap them repeatedly to see and claim the contents.
  • Several changes to notifications under the Notifications Button.png menu:
    • The player now has the option to enable or disable all notifications without having to select each one individually.
    • The two separate notifications for when the Battle Energy on the Campaign Map and in the Dragon League is refilled have been merged into one.
    • All Enchantment-related notifications that were separate are now under the same notification.
    • All Clan-related notifications are now combined into only one.
    • The notification for ruins and the one for Chronos have been merged into a single one.

New Features[edit | edit source]

New Dragons[edit | edit source]

The number of unique Dragons increased from 397 to 407.

Sub-Updates[edit | edit source]

3.0.1[edit | edit source]

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