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Sulfur Dragon

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Egg - Baby - Adult

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The Sulfur Dragon uses its pungent odor of rotten eggs to frighten away enemies in battle. Unfortunately, this tactic doesn’t work on the Vikings since they smell EVEN worse!
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Base Stats

Type Rare
Elements FireLight
Health Icon.png 202
Attack Icon.png 66
Gold Icon.png 460/Hour
Experience 860 Experience Icon.png
Selling Cost 8,450 Pile of Gold.png


LTD Icon.png Limited-Time Dragon

Availability Occasional
Method Event-Only Dragon
Cost 1,240 Gems Icon.png
Breeding Time 16 Hours
Hatching Time 21 Hours & 40 Minutes
VIP Breeding 12 Hours & 48 Minutes
VIP Hatching 17 Hours & 20 Minutes

Description[edit | edit source]

The Sulfur Dragon is finned-style. It has a light orange body with its legs, neck, tail, wing bones, and the back of its head tinted a dark blue. Its large eyes are an orange color, while two large sharp teeth can be seen jutting out of its mouth. Sharp spikes jut out of the tip of its snout, chin, lower jaw, and along its snout. The back of its face rises away in a spiky crest that is lined in light cream spots; this lining is also prominent along its underbelly. The back of its head is covered in long spikes, and the flaps in its wings are a bright orange, while a small white spike juts out of its wing bone. Two similar spikes can be seen on its tail. It has large blunt claws, three on its front fins and two on its back ones. This Dragon is a reference to the element, sulfur.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

The Sulfur Dragon is an Event-Only Dragon and can be obtained through various events. Once obtained, additional eggs can be purchased through the Dragon Codex in exchange for 1,240 Gems.

Breeding statistics are only applicable during breeding events as this Dragon can not normally be bred. Breeding takes 16 hours while hatching takes 21 hours and 40 minutes. With VIP Level 2 or higher, the breeding time is reduced to 12 hours and 48 minutes while the hatching time is reduced to 17 hours and 20 minutes.

Events[edit | edit source]

Current Year[edit | edit source]

  • Dinnertime! (22-25 September 2017)
    • 1st-10th Place Reward
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Possible Outcomes
Dragon Breed Time VIP Breed Hatch Time VIP Hatch
Smoke Dragon 30 minutes 24 minutes 45 minutes 36 minutes
Bee Dragon 45 minutes 36 minutes 1h 20m 1h 4m
Ice Dragon 4 hours 3h 12m 6h 30m 5h 12m
Cloud Dragon 6 hours 4h 48m 9h 40m 7h 44m
Lumino Dragon 8 hours 6h 24m 11h 20m 9h 12m
Rain Dragon 8 hours 6h 24m 11h 20m 9h 12m
Jaws Dragon 10 hours 8 hours 14 hours 11h 12m
Blueflame Dragon 18 hours 14h 24m 1d 2h 21h 12m
Sulfur Dragon 16 hours 12h 48m 21h 40m 17h 20m
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Campaign Map Encounters[edit | edit source]

Map Quest Level
Normal 145 46
151 48

Enchantment Materials Requirements[edit | edit source]

★★ ★★★ ★★★★
10 Average Materials - Fire.png 15 Good Materials - Fire.png 18 Excellent Materials - Fire.png 20 Extraordinary Materials - Fire.png
15 Fair Materials - Light.png 23 Average Materials - Light.png 23 Good Materials - Light.png 28 Excellent Materials - Light.png

Stats[edit | edit source]

Level Health Attack Gold/Hour Sulfur Dragon Base Stats - Codex Entry.jpg
1 202 66 460
10 1,042 341 1,612
20 6,454 2,109 2,892
30 39,959 13,056 4,172
40 247,412 80,838 5,452
50 1,531,907 500,524 6,732
60 9,485,165 3,099,114 8,012
70 58,729,641 19,188,893 9,292
80 363,638,458 118,812,565 10,572

Gallery[edit | edit source]