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Hey, wikians or simply wikisitors! We have a few important announcements to make:

1. You must have surely noticed that nagging message at the top of the wiki related to dragon articles, right? Well, thanks to our incredibly-skilled administrator, Soukupmi, the {{DragonBox}}, the infobox used for dragon articles is now more automatic than ever before, which should, in theory, lead to increased performance. That is also the reason as to why the dragon pages are all messed up and some sections are doubled. The dragonbox has incorporated some of these sections (Stats, Materials and Description), meaning that they are automatically generated, thus if a section is manually added to a page, it will also show up, creating duplicates. The DragonSwitch (the navigation bar at the top of a dragon article) has been integrated within the DragonBox, meaning that the neighbouring dragons will show up on their own. We're still working on cleaning the pages, but overall the hard work is done.

Important Icon.png Two important notes:
I. Because the DragonSwitch has been reworked to work with DPL functions and because DPL is a resource-consuming reporting tool, it may or may not have an impact on page loading. Since we didn't have the opportunity of testing it on over 500 pages so far, we have no idea of how or if it will affect the wiki, thus if you encounter significant issues or if the wiki is slower than it should be, please let us know through any means whatsoever.

II. Since the DragonBox now incorporates the description section, those wishing to write a description for a dragon will have to make use of the "description" parameter. So, before the closing of the DragonBox, |description= is added and then the description is normally written. Example:

|description=This Dragon has fiery red eyes.

2. The {{EventBox}} has also been heavily modified and redundant code has been significantly reduced. It will now also display the badges that you obtain in events (where applicable). Work is still being done on it, but it's nothing that should affect the users. If it does, please let us know.

3. Events will no longer use banners of their own, but rather generics (special thanks to their creator, Ophexis!). This is not something new, as we've been using generics for leaderboards and milestones for almost three years now, as explained here. The reason behind also adding banners to the generic list is the new visual redesign of events in the game itself: they no longer have an easily-croppable banner, but rather now it has to be cropped, then have its background removed and then the edges have to be fine-grain edited. Before it was enough to just crop the banner in a simple software like paint and then just plain upload it. As images have had more of a representative role than an informative one, this will not affect the accuracy of the information displayed within event articles, as each event is thoroughly checked before being added to the wiki.

4. Visual Editor has been disabled for a good while now and it will be restored only after we will have upgraded our core software. This is particularly problematic now, because the new version of MediaWiki requires higher versions of php and mysql, thus we have to solve those ones first and only then can we take care of the software itself and then of the Visual Editor. We hope it doesn't inconvenience you too much, but if it does, just make use of MediaWiki's Sandbox to work with articles that would be easier to edit through VE (example: copy there the contents of an article from this wiki, use the preview function, keep editing until you get to the desired result, preview again, copy the contents back here, also preview, and then click save).

5. The images of dragons will also go through a whole replacement and they will contain no more shadows and no more extra space. Shadowless and spaceless format is now the new format for dragon images, which allows a better use of them.

As always, thanks for supporting and being part of this community! If you ever need to contact us, you can find us here or here.

Posted by Star Warden (administrator) on 16 September 2018 at 09:29.
Edited by Star Warden (administrator) on 16 September 2018 at 10:20.

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