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CommentStreams:74b55b921c9e28c201613dc5c770248a Cinnamon & Ice (18/12/10) Level 5 Layout Pic I truly appreciate all the time and effort you put in to creating these maps, so I hope I don't come across as ungrateful but...where are the tile costs on the level 5 map?

I try to lay out a course to the chests by way of expense in order to save as many of the "gifts" as possible for the next level. I then go back and finish what I skipped to complete all levels for the card dragon. I've only ever completed a castle event using your maps in this manner, so I really, really appreciate the work involved in creating these guides. Thank you.

anonymous Dec 12 at 11:04 pm
CommentStreams:4d2ed593fb0a7a2ec6c7ca3ee4d9779d Table of Dragons Freyja stats I believe Freyja has the base stat for only the first element? or is it intended? Johnna75 Dec 12 at 12:30 am
CommentStreams:795ff73557815602e961e5ddf410d2bc Get Meched (18/09/14) How/why did these comments end up here? Something seems to be amiss with the most recent comments in this thread. They are out of place and unrelated to the Get Meched Event found on this page. Not sure if he posted under the wrong event, or if he commented on the Cinnamon and Ice Event page and it somehow sent his comments here instead of that page, but Holtor's comments do not even apply to this event, which took place before Rustwater was even introduced. They look like they are meant for the new Cinnamon and Ice Event, not the three month old Get Meched Event found on this page. Hopefully, these comments mistakenly ended up on this page, and were not intentionally placed on this page. Rustwater was not even available during this event, so to intentionally retroactively add it to a page covering an event it wasn't even available during would be asinine. Notice that this is the Get Meched Event page from three months ago, not the new Cinnamon and Ice Event page. Impdaddyzer0 Dec 11 at 2:14 pm
CommentStreams:2b4c18c2f37f33f53810abb30ea1539d Cinnamon Dragon PICTURE Add a picture please, it came out today(12-10-18) anonymous Dec 10 at 5:15 pm
CommentStreams:82b4739dde0ec193b3f1a73d4bd40b75 Earth Dragon drake i think its a drake dragon anonymous Dec 10 at 3:07 pm
CommentStreams:8186d2f1960d887627212da6f24a3828 Get Meched (18/09/14) true. Thanks, I'll fix it Soukupmi Dec 8 at 11:09 pm
CommentStreams:E57a2c5405ec4a220ebbf234d0ebf244 Get Meched (18/09/14) At least not in the middle column.


anonymous Dec 8 at 10:04 pm
CommentStreams:D536fbf21c364d8266ed20f10ff2f379 Get Meched (18/09/14) In the "Breed Dragons" table, Rustwater is now listed as a 4h-breeding-dragon. But he takes 6h. Thus both Rustwater and Boiling should not be in the table anymore. anonymous Dec 8 at 9:11 pm
CommentStreams:38a9d7c1b3c3f658b2d008952b81680c Daily Tasks have the same issue with my tablet anonymous Dec 8 at 2:32 am
CommentStreams:126a869c30dba394ee61fa780bc8056a that's what iam talking about. Remove those Andriod CHN info would be fine. anonymous Dec 4 at 6:19 pm
CommentStreams:A5e0a69b0ce9c63e73ed4bc78be81e8c Gathering Light (18/12/01) they will be the other 3 dragon of the weeks in december just like unicorn is the first one this week. Myssy Dec 3 at 8:54 am
CommentStreams:B2199f3c214074a0b86c533b5eba68a6 Gathering Light (18/12/01) How do we get Ginger, Present and Block dragons? The Lantern dragon is highly desirable for me. Unicorn and Ice Spike are obtainable through breeding. How do we get Ginger, Present and Block dragons? Thanks! anonymous Dec 3 at 12:17 am
CommentStreams:1952d1f71a65724ead5dd21eb275f14a Ice Spike Dragon Where are the eggs of dragons? Missing the images of the dragons eggs of the Nordic gods event. Where is it? André Sheldon Dec 2 at 2:13 pm
CommentStreams:D46c120bf0986a1f3df867eb223578a4 Boss Challenge (18/11/26)

i posted my table here. im not sure it is all entirely correct because i missed round 2

Johnna75 Dec 1 at 9:31 pm
CommentStreams:D23a7b35880f9ebbac771d07513cc2ae Boss Challenge (18/11/26) I think that is good idea! anonymous Nov 30 at 9:34 pm
CommentStreams:46b65eef1100d8ccd338b03a73943133 Nurture Dragon Why is that relevant? We aren't listing outcomes, we're only listing possible combinations. Star Warden Nov 29 at 10:33 am
CommentStreams:29c84a91e1232c79c4ada051b79eb474 Nurture Dragon elixer dragon the vip dragon is a result, same time for hatching and breeding as nurture dragon. anonymous Nov 29 at 2:53 am
CommentStreams:14d3f7d587a1a7a330335ef6dbcdce19 Table of Dragons how r u anonymous Nov 28 at 3:49 pm
CommentStreams:Faaed4c02798287249e2d2525def591d Table of Dragons hey. anonymous Nov 28 at 3:49 pm
CommentStreams:46c67a3e32962b026e1d8a7f0302a68f Pumpkin Dragon PUMPKINZ PUMPKIN DRAGONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS anonymous Nov 28 at 3:36 pm