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CommentStreams:B57499f0735edf14d85d43149e193d36 Jormundang dragon I not to. crazy about having to go in and try to breed all these. Dragons besides trying to get them won, it so much you have too do and earn to get it all. It's crazy a lot of work and to never earn them because of how impossible it is to make it. It cost lots of money if you want to pay your way which that would be a guaranteed way to making it all the way through, and winning all the awesome dragon. But if you play all on strategy and cant afford gems to buy your way through the game your not getting any that way either. Make it hard specially when you play it so much. But I absolutely love the game.iam handicap and cant move around much and I play it over 65% of my day. Love breeding all new dragons.

Thank you, Michelle

Pepsigal43 Oct 17 at 6:05 am
CommentStreams:F3e22927a51d69d14cd4bd9510e7746a Darkfire Dragon Dark Fire Dragon DarkFire: Fire, Shadow and Legendary. No?

Makes more sense!

anonymous Oct 17 at 4:25 am
CommentStreams:85b61139cb18e6d382fec335c4d6ba7c cool my favorite of these is water Masterball2 Oct 17 at 1:27 am
CommentStreams:7ef904b6d7d9cdddbcfd4a933954de0e Table of Dragons 539? It says 539, but I only count 511 anonymous Oct 17 at 1:00 am
CommentStreams:C9e821fbec72c273664406dab8dd5474 Update 4.0 Of course there is going to be, but, as you just said, a lot to add from this new update. Naturally, if you are willing to contribute and help decrease the load, that would be appreciated.

Later Edit: Forgot to mention, but the page has long been added.

Star Warden Star Warden Sep 3 at 4:35 pm Oct 16 at 7:07 pm
CommentStreams:A7d8fbe8b98ae1a06efb42a93208e176 Pinata Dragon Combo? Breedable using Legendary + Light +Wind???

The combo is Runestone + Panda???

Which is correct?

anonymous Oct 16 at 1:28 pm
CommentStreams:8a885ec5c77b738f60084f581ac3d394 Apollo Dragon The new divine dragons are the closest to him!

DML should release him in the upcoming divine event!

anonymous Oct 9 at 1:10 pm
CommentStreams:Cd2f8e15eabbb556bfbe689c5cdb7dd8 Loki Dragon Fixed. Plant is the right one. Star Warden Oct 8 at 9:16 pm
CommentStreams:86a35800385bfe756dfc90d9fb01b351 Loki Dragon Third Element? The "Category:Divine (classification)" wiki page says that the Loki Dragon's third element is Plant. Is that a mistake? TaraDML TaraDML Oct 5 at 1:23 am Oct 5 at 1:29 pm
CommentStreams:14f51e9ec5ce29632df8fd60eff2af9e Breeding GL doesn't provide us with this formula. All that is confirmed, is that 80s have a twice as high chance at better offspring than lvl 10s. Not enough difference for me to change my breeding habit. Soukupmi Oct 5 at 10:35 am
CommentStreams:81d0a01c5d2f8f9d704fc0dadc6be2f8 Breeding Breeding Rare Dragon It is say in the game that the chance to breed rare dragon is increased if the level of the parent is hight.

Do you have a table or a formula for that.

Dosen t that make the chance of optaining a rare dragon in the breeding calculator sort of wrong.

anonymous Oct 5 at 10:11 am
CommentStreams:2634aa885cbe41ba99eab04cdaa6e064 Heimdall Dragon Divine event 120 segments? That means he is divine chest reward!

When can we see the pictures of the new divines And can we expect A divine event this October?

anonymous Oct 4 at 9:33 am
CommentStreams:067023338beb8bf0cbb232504a26817c Laser Dragon The event image by Gameloft suggests that you need parents with two elements each, yes.
Nevertheless it's sufficient to breed Laser with one of the above combinations and use it as parent in the Red Scale Rising event.
Soukupmi Oct 3 at 6:12 pm
CommentStreams:7da7b072c646684ec5fd953d2d8aefa9 Laser Dragon Combination there is another version explaining the combination in the event red scale rising.

Can i understand that two parents should be water+wind and metal+fire, which is drawn in picture? Or does the picture also imply any combination of these four elements?

anonymous Oct 3 at 7:45 am
CommentStreams:0de6396da5902e2e67cdf2fd3db6f2ae Laser Dragon Yep, it's an exception. Star Warden Oct 1 at 6:11 pm
CommentStreams:44955732fbbec295375d9d32d0118219 Laser Dragon Base Health Is this one another exception for Base Health beeing so low for a Legendary Dragon...? anonymous Oct 1 at 9:12 am
CommentStreams:Ed8e6e4e86292ad51c48625b7a276365 Way of the Mentor (15/09/11) The Mentor Dragon. This is up for the Gold Collecting! Only the be the next Dragon of the week! What is that? Don't think that is fair, The the Players at All!!! anonymous Sep 29 at 10:59 pm
CommentStreams:B98eb95c749a5f28ca793a0b3a6c4267 Orca Dragon No, you are right. I added it in by accident. Thanks, I'll correct it. Star Warden Sep 26 at 2:30 pm
CommentStreams:748e635524562fb9b88f33b9741aa7ee Orca Dragon obtaining Hello, are you sure we can get a Avocado? Vanessa2m Sep 23 at 7:55 pm
CommentStreams:9b5b3965a7f269e5a16d0fba25df522b There is no ice element and that boss dragon has wind as its base. Quit the game. Star Warden Sep 20 at 5:32 am