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CommentStreams:Fc2748ab70b1f0c5976148e56f0f7409 Clockwork Dungeon there are my dragons level : 70 59 50 40 40 32 and the number of enchantment stars are : 3 3 2 2 2 2 so the level of 6 dragons after i added with enchantment starts are 76
65 54 44 44 36 . Finally, after i calculated Average of the top 6 dragons with excel formula is level 53 of the opposing Dragons in dungeon but when i faced them in the game  all of them are level 59 ?  please help me, thank you
anonymous Feb 18 at 11:42 am
CommentStreams:4884d25172f6e3bff419e8dfe213c258 Clockwork Dungeon did you have the formula to calculate "average of top 6 dragons"? i used excel to calculate and replaced them in the game but it's not like i thought. :( anonymous Feb 18 at 11:19 am
CommentStreams:Ad1181d196e0a45e22f358b7ad2931bd Clockwork Dungeon thank you star warden anonymous Feb 18 at 10:58 am
CommentStreams:D903f69def28e6d6ed6bf221ae34ba32 Love Potion Party (19/02/13) fixed (just moving the style="background:yellow" ) - thanks Soukupmi Feb 13 at 10:42 pm
CommentStreams:Cfed12c9b518bc740edaf11c67201b4a Love Potion Party (19/02/13) Tier 3 In tier 3, leveling up takes longest (192 min), Gold takes only 132 min. anonymous Feb 13 at 8:49 pm
CommentStreams:E71caa0ebcb7e04f1b4a20434bb6a531 Fireball Dragon obtaining wasnt this dragon also a gift to the community?

first to ios and then to all?

Johnna75 Feb 12 at 7:25 pm
CommentStreams:5f0db138e67a20333906d4c8767b3950 Category talk:Legendary (classification) Lilith hasn't been added Been out for almost two weeks and not there. If I had a clearer idea of how the page was formatted I'd add it myself, but I don't want to mess something up in the process. anonymous Feb 11 at 10:55 pm
CommentStreams:D0d4f1f740e01c6a6cb2d154f174804b Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) It's been fixed already. Maybe you have to reload the page. Soukupmi Feb 7 at 1:43 am
CommentStreams:A0896076fe86789acfd7e3b7ae6d7f55 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) Level 5 image The map of level 5 is probably not meant to be this image.


anonymous Feb 6 at 3:24 pm
CommentStreams:9cc8132acbaaeab81daf6710c96d1dc0 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) thanks for reporting - it's fixed now (also for the other events that were affected since the update, as I changed the template) Soukupmi Feb 5 at 10:12 pm
CommentStreams:D79d4c19e9ea8019afe61d1ce1ab3523 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) It will update on its own at some point. Star Warden Feb 5 at 8:38 pm
CommentStreams:0d2929c9000f0b67cb3d3aeac8437121 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) thank you. the page of dust is fixed but not the pages of the full list of guaranteed combinations .under the letter d it still doesnt appear. there are 2 duplicates of that page i believe Johnna75 Johnna75 Feb 5 at 6:40 pm Feb 5 at 6:41 pm
CommentStreams:3a5d5cb7bdd0012310d57fddae7b4060 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) 1. is fixed Star Warden Feb 5 at 6:15 pm
CommentStreams:2e4a521597876ee5567ab83ca417e5f2 Table of Dragons does anyone know how jard it is to get the harpy plz tell me asap Banana dragon fan 333 Feb 5 at 5:40 pm
CommentStreams:451c1b38b883247c8ee913dc508b1b00 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) Did you enable a 24-hour-VIP ticket? That is an old bug. Breeding a Fire dragon first helps.


anonymous Feb 5 at 10:07 am
CommentStreams:68e4db449eab5f107a4c0e24dc0ff4c6 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) 1. Thanks. My bad with dust. i got confused with the info on wiki:

dust doesnt appear here: also the page of dust is saying: No combination is guaranteed to result in this Dragon. Multiple breeding attempts may be necessary to obtain it. so it suggests it is not guaranteed So I guess those pages should be coorrected? There are multiple pages for the guaranteed dragons. Dust doeant appear in those

2. Shard hatching time is correct. It happens because of the way the hatching formula is slightly different than the breeding formula, how the elements affect the timers

Johnna75 Johnna75 Feb 4 at 8:54 am Feb 4 at 11:33 pm
CommentStreams:2dd6f833448fd37e4b6d9dcdae2ce1ea Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) Yeah - that one is a template and not editable by everyone.
Do you recall since what date the numbers are wrong?
Edit found it: Get Meched (18/09/14). Seems like since the update.
Soukupmi Soukupmi Feb 4 at 11:10 pm Feb 4 at 11:25 pm
CommentStreams:Aa6ebffa0f6e9c96ab141f3c52f16c1e Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) Shard still gave me the expected 333 points. Maybe you already had 34 points before breeding it? Soukupmi Feb 4 at 11:09 pm
CommentStreams:243b83e714564753549bb48b2af2374d Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) Reccomended dragons column If wiki chooses to have one column for reccomended dragons, and another column for others I would personally divide it differently.

A reccomendation column suggests that it should be better in comparison to the right column which is less reccomended so it should be coherent.

1. the guaranteed breedable should be in the reccomended so I would keep the energy dragon and move the dust dragon to the right column

2. dragons with less hatching time should be in the reccomended dragons, so I would keep the shard dragon and move all of the others to the right column.

3. I would make a warning at the bottom the same way you do in the solo event with fire+wind which may result with the leopard dragon, and add to that a warning all the breeding options which might end with long breeding times: rustwater, sea turtle, runestone and avocado. Now when boling appears as a reccomendation, even if it is on the right column I find it misleading if someone isn't aware of that risk which is relatively new.

Johnna75 Johnna75 Feb 3 at 5:27 pm Feb 4 at 9:22 am
CommentStreams:D63cd5978b3473e84d3b6f3f5bde97b1 Year of the Pigsy (19/02/01) I mentioned this in a previous event, but the table appears to have reverted to the way it was in previous events. I would edit it, but that option is not currently available, to me at least. The "edit" button for the "Tasks" section takes me to an incomplete editing page that appears only partially loaded, and the "Breed Dragons" and "Collect Food" sections below "Tasks" don't even have "edit" buttons. :/ Impdaddyzer0 Feb 4 at 4:51 am