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CommentStreams:1ab39b6671daab0904fdb6817690363d Talk:Taurus Dragon There is currently an issue with the uploading/overwriting of new images to the wiki. Unfortunately whomever tried to upload an image of Taurus that wasn't in-keeping with our Manual of Style has currently made it so a new, proper image cannot be visibly uploaded. The problem is being looked into. Ophexis Ophexis Apr 20 at 7:07 pm Apr 20 at 7:08 pm
CommentStreams:2398db7ffe907b419e8ef1b913e7a3d7 Options Menu APR. 18 down load I can not do down load-when i start the game tho opening page comes up--i hit the OK button for down load--it goes to MSN store-install page comes up-i hit install--tells me game is already installed---that is ALL i get---what am i doing wrong????? anonymous Apr 20 at 3:25 pm
CommentStreams:8d283269448dbbb20e33876d36c336ea Talk:Taurus Dragon no image There is no image for the Taurus dragon in adult form anonymous Apr 20 at 7:05 am
CommentStreams:C0b5af55af5b8f8bd24bbe513263a718 Stronger Together (19/04/08) US Bait and switch for Flower Purchase There is still approximately 7 hours before event ends, but the donation amount of $99.99 which earlier today provided 10 million flowers has reduced to 10,000 flowers, making it impossible to reach the milestones within a budgeted charitable donation of $200.

At this moment it would require $200,000 for the same amount of flowers from just 6 hours ago. Either there is a glitch in the event promotions, or the company has decided that the event is ending early without warning as the milestones cannot be met with the available promotions, meaning none of the milestones for paid contributions (Wraith Dragon, 4,500 gems and a potential award for Sovereign Dragon if top 10 in your leaderboard is met) are possible. In the US you cannot deduct donations of hundreds of thousands of dollars without comprehensive documentation, including address of recipient, tax ID's and confirmation from the recipient of actual receipt, which is not provided for in game purchases. I am unsure if non-US based companies would be allowed in this case either. At the original 10 million for $99.99, the donation would be under $200.00, which is fully deductible in the US with the in game documentation available.

anonymous Apr 18 at 4:37 am
CommentStreams:607989fc86dc8d9c7edd79f49d2be65c Sugar Rush (19/04/15) Objetivo da gameloft Esta muito claro que: o jogo esta para a comercialização, pois, ultimamente estão predispondo o jogo para quem pode comprar os pacotes. Não esta valendo a pena se esforçar no jogo, a vantagem para quem compra é absurda. Varios amigos que jogam estão querendo desistir, e procurar outro grátis, que vale o esforço. anonymous Apr 18 at 4:05 am
CommentStreams:A3166384fa67eae61da0a0d813aadf82 Aloha Dragon cool this is a really cool web. thank you for making it anonymous Apr 18 at 3:09 am
CommentStreams:511106a7ea4467935d0e5203ee17500a Fall Dragon My Best Dragon TNX Dragon Mania For This stronger Dragon !! My Best Dragon TNX Dragon Mania For This stronger Dragon !! anonymous Apr 15 at 11:06 pm
CommentStreams:6bdbd24f5aba89dbc04bc244cb78019b Enchantment League That totally depends on the defender dragon. The first element that results in a strong attack will be used, otherwise the first that is not a weak attack (count starting from the base element). Soukupmi Apr 10 at 10:15 pm
CommentStreams:Ab8c072f9c8347a76abe8c241d09db25 Stronger Together (19/04/08) You don't, without donating money to the charity. That's the point of all milestones past the Sunfeather Dragon; they are reserved for those who make a financial donation.

In regards to the milestones that determine the Influencer Dragons' final rarity, those are achieved as a global community, not as an individual.

Ophexis Ophexis Apr 10 at 7:45 pm Apr 10 at 7:47 pm
CommentStreams:77efcf4f9490c8e564f3fb8dc0885d2b Stronger Together (19/04/08) Support Care Event How is it possible to get to the max to rewards 100M Points whatǃ? anonymous Apr 10 at 6:23 pm
CommentStreams:9ce16c5e540ce869045fc1c298e13503 Breeding Den Unnecessarily rude. anonymous Apr 9 at 6:16 pm
CommentStreams:E37433c8bb4b0b2ad09dd62dff3e6095 Table of Dragons man this is really helpful anonymous Apr 8 at 6:31 pm
CommentStreams:1940717951053994b19e9fafe7b02af4 Enchantment League Which element will my dragons use? If I have a 3 element dragon, (fire,earth,wind) for example, which element will it use in battle? Is it random? anonymous Apr 8 at 1:30 am
CommentStreams:E48bb4c86f0056e43e7d96d363762ba6 Boss Challenge (19/04/01) fixed - thanks Soukupmi Apr 5 at 9:11 pm
CommentStreams:F13bbfdb1b55e5c7e5d584106e8bba1e Fireball Dragon Data update VIP hatching time is ~7h 42m, not sure if the time stated on the page was incorrect at time of writing or has been updated.

The dragon is also available as a reward for completing the "Basic Hybrids" collection, making it no longer limited-time.

anonymous Apr 2 at 3:30 pm
CommentStreams:17dd11a84398abafa5a9e29fe57d19ec Boss Challenge (19/04/01) Lap3 with another "reward" Lap 3 - food * Modifier

This time there is no extender :(

anonymous Apr 1 at 12:46 pm
CommentStreams:39dd72464b0061bb9d1e8457230f1596 Heaven & Hades (19/03/22) Only Gameloft know about events in the future. And yes, you keep the cards already obtained. Ophexis Mar 31 at 4:56 pm
CommentStreams:0dfeb4d2452222ebc1d9d47136222797 Heaven & Hades (19/03/22) will this event be repeated and will we get to keep the cards we have already obtained? anonymous Mar 31 at 1:43 pm
CommentStreams:Ce6fa7bb2a899a71362e0eb381118af5 Friend System Deunlocking Milestones? Let's assume I'm coming up on collector's point 65k milestone, which unlocks Panda dragon.

Do you know anything about reversing those milestones? Once I have unlocked the milestone, can I go back and de-unlock the Panda dragon, even if I delete some of my dragons and get my CP score back under 65k? Players wouldn't want to make their breeding chances worse by unlocking more dragons that are normally breedable, similarly to the frequent problem of getting elixirs while trying for the DOM. on the on hand if you deduce from vip where the vip must be on to be able to breed the vip dragon it makes sense the answer is yes. but my first intuition was to say no because once you unlocked it you got the green check box in the leaderboard. Any official statement from GL, or empiric data you are aware of?

Johnna75 Mar 30 at 9:02 pm
CommentStreams:E43284243f1ac2a6bebd825367b32bcd Heaven & Hades (19/03/22) Vivid Dragon Hi, could you create page for the Vivid Dragon? and other dragons such like Costume, Kelp etc. :) anonymous Mar 29 at 6:15 pm