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Scrolls are used to purchase specialized training for Dragons through the Dragon Academy to learn and upgrade their skills. Training can only be purchased with a combination of Scrolls and Gold. Scrolls can also be traded for various offers in the Whale-Mart.

Earning Scrolls[edit]

Method Lowest Amount Highest Amount Notes
Receiving 3 stars while defeating quests on the Campaign Map 1 Only one per Main Quest and per mine (only if 3 stars are earned on the first attempt for the latter); one per Side Quest whenever they refresh
Reaching milestones of various events or placing in a high-enough rank 1 5 Amount depends on the final ranking/milestone reached
Participating in the Dragon League 1 3 Amount depends on the Level Modifier and league and on the level bracket and win streak
Exploring ruins 1 3
Daily Prizes 1 6 Amount depends on the VIP Status
Milestones for the Dragon Collector Leaderboard 2
To-Do-List 2 Only received once from the Explosive Skills task
Playing Otto's Lotto 1 5 Amount depends on the wheel
At random after reaching the maximum level 5
Whale Mart deals Variable amount Amount depends on the deal
Various in-game promotions Variable amount Promotions can be offered either in exchange for Gems or real currency