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Otto's Lotto

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Otto's Lotto Image.png

A hot air balloon, operating as Otto's Lotto, can be seen serenely floating between the Main Island and Distant Marsh in the Archipelago. Selecting the balloon will offer the player several options, the most important being the lottery itself. Going to the balloon can also be done through the Free Button.png button. This button's display will always toggle between a Gem, a Gift Chest and a Five-Card Pack.


Otto's Lotto most important function is watching advertisement videos in exchange for a chance at spinning the lottery wheel in order to win various resources. There are five different wheels, offered in random order after every spin, that determine which prizes are spun for. Each prize wheel is divided into five sections, with each section representing a different prize. The prize sections vary in size, giving greater chances of getting certain prizes while decreasing the odds of getting others. On some occasions, the Lotto will offer higher amounts, usually double, for a particular type of reward.

After accessing the balloon, pressing the Watch An Ad Video Button 4.png button under the representative wheel will play a video and then the game will automatically spin the wheel. When no videos are available to watch, the Check Back Later Button.png notice will be shown under the same wheel. After the first spin, the player can then watch more videos through the Watch An Ad Video Button.png button.

Otto's Lotto Screen.jpg


The wheel ratios are as follows:

Otto Dialogue.png
Wheel Prize Probability
Otto's Lotto Wheel.png

Wheel 1

1 Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png 5%
3 Scrolls Icon.png 5%
1 Scrolls Icon.png 25%
1 Gems Icon.png 25%
(1,000*Level Modifier) Gold Icon.png 40%
Otto's Lotto Wheel 2.png

Wheel 2

5 Gems Icon.png 4%
1 Portal Gems Icon.png 15%
(100*Level Modifier) Food Icon.png 20%
1 Gems Icon.png 26%
(1,250*Level Modifier) Gold Icon.png 35%
Otto's Lotto Wheel 3.png

Wheel 3

5 Gems Icon.png 4%
1 Portal Gems Icon.png 15%
(125*Level Modifier) Food Icon.png 20%
1 Gems Icon.png 26%
(75*Level Modifier) Food Icon.png 35%
Otto's Lotto Wheel 4.png

Wheel 4

5 Gems Icon.png 8%
1 Gems Icon.png 22%
5 Scrolls Icon.png 20%
(1,000*Level Modifier) Gold Icon.png 25%
(100*Level Modifier) Food Icon.png 25%
Otto's Lotto Wheel 5.png

Wheel 5

10 Gems Icon.png 5%
(1,000*Level Modifier) Gold Icon.png 20%
(1,250*Level Modifier) Gold Icon.png 20%
1 Gems Icon.png 22%
(100*Level Modifier) Food Icon.png 33%
Hot Air Balloon.png

The probability is calculated as follows:
Each wheel can be divided, imaginarily, in 30 equal parts, separated by gray circles on their edges. One fraction represents 1/30th of the whole wheel, which is, approximately, 3.3% of it. In order to calculate the probability (%) of receiving a certain prize, one must look into how many parts of 30 the prize falls into and translate it to parts of 100. Example: on Wheel 1, a Fury Essence is one of the rewards offered. Its fraction, shown in red, takes 1.5 of the 30 parts. It can be translated to parts of 100 or percentage with a simple cross-multiplication, resulting in 5% (100*1.5/30=5).
Some values have been rounded for practical purposes.


Aside from the lottery, videos can also be watched in order to receive a Gift Chest. As this chest is the same one from the Enchantment League menu, a 6-hour period of time must pass before another Gift Chest can be obtained in exchange for watching videos. During this period of time, the chest shop can be alternatively accessed from here through the Take me there! Button.png button under the Gift Chest.

Additionally, the player can at all times access the menu for purchasing card packs through another Take me there! Button.png button or can temporarily access shops which have items on sale. At the bottom of the screen, the player can navigate through these shops and then access any of them through the Show Me Button.png button.

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

Pre-Update 1.9 Menu
  • Update 3.8 introduced the chance to occasionally get a Card Piece of a Dragon when the Dragon's image appears above the balloon.
  • Update 3.6 introduced the Free Button.png button as the new way of accessing Otto's Lotto while discontinuing the Otto's Lotto Button.png button.
    • Starting with this update, the player can navigate to other shops from the balloon or watch a video in exchange for a free Gift Chest, in addition to the lottery function.
    • The Spin! Button.png button was discontinued as now the wheel is automatically spun after watching a video.
  • Update 3.2 replaced the Watch A Video Button 2.png button with the Watch An Ad Video Button.png button.
  • Update 3.0 slightly adjusted the prizes for some wheels and replaced the Watch A Video Button 2 (Old).png button with the Watch A Video Button 2.png button.
  • Update 2.5 added more videos to watch.
  • Update 1.9 converted the balloon to Otto's Lotto.
  • Update 1.3 made the balloon functional for all servers and platform.
  • Update 1.2 introduced the balloon, which originally was not tied to Otto, but gave only Gems in exchange for watching videos.