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Nom Nom Momma (17/05/12)

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There's nothing a mom likes more than seeing well-fed whelps. So feed your Dragons to unlock the Matriarch Dragon in this special event!
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Started 12 May 2017
Ended 15 May 2017
Duration 2 Days & 15 Hours
Type Food Gathering
First Prize Matriarch Dragon Matriarch Dragon Icon.png
Occasion Mother's Day

The requirements stated in this article are that of the highest-level brackets while the leaderboard and milestone rewards belong to the highest level modifier.

Progress Rewards[edit]

Score 80,000 400,000 800,000
Reward Scrolls 1 Gold 150,000 Gems 3

Leaderboard Prizes[edit]

Position Prizes
1-15 Dragon Egg Icon.png Matriarch Dragon
16-25 Gold 450,000 Food 45,000 Scrolls 3
26-75 Gold 200,000 Food 24,000 Scrolls 2
76-150 Gold 150,000 Food 11,250 Scrolls 1
151-250 Gold 75,000 Food 5,625
251-500 Gold 37,500 Food 2,250
501-5000 Gold 15,000

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