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Mythical Beginnings (17/08/23)

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An event of mythical proportions is coming to Dragolandia! The dragons sense it through the trembling of the earth and the shifting of the winds...
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Started 23 August 2017
Ended 2 September 2017
Duration 9 Days & 5 Hours
Type Community

Progress Rewards[edit]

Score 1,500,000 Hatching Event.png 3,000,000 Hatching Event.png 6,000,000 Hatching Event.png 10,000,000 Hatching Event.png 15,000,000 Hatching Event.png
Reward New Element unlocked: Divine Divine (Element) Icon.png Information about: Hypnos Dragon Hypnos Dragon Icon.png "Free Dragon": Hypnos unlocked through an upcoming Calendar Event Information about: Aphrodite Dragon Aphrodite Dragon Icon.png "Free Dragon": Aphrodite unlocked for weekly breeding (4 September 2017)


Trainers needed to hatch hybrid Dragons in order to earn points. Each hybrid, regardless of its rarity, awards one point when hatched. Once the sufficient score was achieved for each milestone, all Trainers would receive the specified rewards, which consisted in unlocking various new features from Update 3.1.

Being a Community Event, all eligible Trainers in the game worked side by side to reach the goals, rather than competing against each other.