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Light and Shadow Games (15/12/11)

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Join the Light\Shadow Team and compete in Arena battles to boost your team's score for a chance to win the grand prize!
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Started 11 December 2015
Ended 19 December 2015
Duration 7 Days & 16 Hours
Type Faction
Grand Prize Sparkler Dragon Sparkler Dragon Icon.png

This was the very first Faction Event to take place in the game.

The requirements stated in this article are that of the highest-level brackets while the leaderboard and milestone rewards belong to the highest level modifier.

Participants[edit | edit source]

Side 1 Side 2
Light Shadow
Winner - Light

Faction Rewards[edit | edit source]

Grand Prize Consolation
VIP Ticket.png 1 Gold Icon.png 7,500
 Dragon Fury Essence Icon.png  2 Food Icon.png 1,050
Scrolls Icon.png 3

Progress Rewards[edit | edit source]

Score 500 5,000 10,000
Reward Gems Icon.png 1 Scrolls Icon.png 2 Gems Icon.png 3

Leaderboard Prizes[edit | edit source]

Position Prizes
1-10 Dragon Egg Icon.png Sparkler Dragon
11-50 Gold Icon.png 450,000 Food Icon.png 45,000 Scrolls Icon.png 3
51-100 Gold Icon.png 225,000 Food Icon.png 22,500 Scrolls Icon.png 2
101-250 Gold Icon.png 150,000 Food Icon.png 11,250 Scrolls Icon.png 1
251-450 Gold Icon.png 75,000 Food Icon.png 5,625
451-750 Gold Icon.png 37,500 Food Icon.png 2,250
751-5000 Gold Icon.png 15,000