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Islands Overview.jpg

The Archipelago consists of a group of 10 islands. On each island there is a limited space to place buildings and decorations.

When first unlocked, each island is covered in obstacles that must be cleared. Each island has three different-sized obstacles. Each obstacle requires a certain amount of Gold and time in order to be cleared. Islands can only be purchased in the order in which they become available. When an island is available for purchase, a Coins Sign.png sign appears on the island and the Trainer can select it and press the Unlock Button 2.png button to buy it in the window that pops up.

Several gameplay elements can be found near and on some of the islands, including ruins that can be explored by using Dragons. Each ruin will cost a certain amount of Gold to be unlocked. Once the price is paid, it will then take a set amount of time for the unlocking process to be complete.

The Islands[edit]

Main Island[edit]

Main Island.jpg
Small Island.jpg

A total of 289,000 Gold is needed to completely clear this island of obstacles and a total of 8,000 Gold is needed to clear the smaller island attached to it.

Small Objects (10) - 500 Gold, 30 seconds to clear, 20 experience
Obstacle - Tree Trunk.pngObstacle - Grassy Rock (i).png Obstacle - Tiny Rock.png Decoration - White Flower.png
Medium Objects (19) - 4,000 Gold, 2 minutes to clear, 160 experience
Obstacle - Medium Rock.png Decoration - Medium Tree.png
Large Objects (13) - 16,000 Gold, 30 minutes to clear, 640 experience
Decoration - Big Tree.png Decoration - Pond with Trunk.png Decoration - Pond with Rock.png

Aside from both ruins, various other gameplay elements are located on this island. Chronos, the Enchantment Altar and the Shop can be found in the main part of the island. In the surroundings of the Main Island the Trainers can find the Clam, Otto's hot air balloon and a stationary ship which typically displays a Limited-Time Dragon featured in an ongoing event.

Attached to the primary area of the Main Island is another island, smaller in size, with only two 2x2 squares of free space, both of which are occupied by the Decoration - Medium Tree.png obstacle. The Clan Fortress, Arena, Totem of Friendship and Lighthouse are located here.

Distant Marsh[edit]

Distant Marsh.jpg

As you travel from swamp to swamp on this island, keep an eye out for mushrooms, willows, and disappearing shadows. And above all, keep your baby dragons away from the lights!

300,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 1,680,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (15) - 8,000 Gold, 2 minutes to clear, 320 experience
Obstacle - Dead Tree Trunk (i).pngObstacle - Swamp Flower.pngDecoration - Swampy Rock.pngObstacle - Swamp Pond (ii).png
Medium Objects (16) - 30,000 Gold, 20 minutes to clear, 1,200 experience
Obstacle - Swampy Rock (iv).pngObstacle - Swampy Rock (iii).pngObstacle - Swampy Rock (ii).pngObstacle - Swamp Pond (i).png Obstacle - Swamp Pond (iii).png
Large Objects (12) - 90,000 Gold, 1 hour and 30 minutes to clear, 3,600 experience
Decoration - Mushroom Tree.pngObstacle - Marsh Tree (ii).pngObstacle - Marsh Tree (i).pngDecoration - Dead Tree Trunk.png

Faded Earth[edit]

Faded Earth.jpg

Once home to legendary dragons, this island has had centuries to rest and is now ready for new inhabitants.

2,500,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 3,520,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (12) - 15,000 Gold, 15 minutes to clear, 600 experience
Obstacle - Boulders (i).pngDecoration - Strange Bones.pngObstacle - Bunch of Cacti.pngObstacle - Cactus (i).pngObstacle - Cactus (iii).png
Medium Objects (13) - 60,000 Gold, 1 hour to clear, 2,400 experience
Decoration - Hearty Palm.pngObstacle - Rock Column (i).pngObstacle - Boulders (ii).pngObstacle - Cactus (iv).pngObstacle - Cactus (ii).png
Large Objects (16) - 160,000 Gold, 4 hours to clear, 6,400 experience
Obstacle - Hearty Palm (ii).pngDecoration - Rock.pngObstacle - Sand Dune.pngObstacle - Pond.png

Lost World[edit]

Lost World.jpg

Under layers of trees, water, and earth lie the ruins of an ancient civilization. The time has come to rebuild in this forgotten rainforest.

5,000,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 4,280,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (11) - 30,000 Gold, 30 minutes to clear, 1,200 experience
Palm Tree (i).pngJungle Bush.pngDecoration - Red Flower.pngDecoration - Yellow Flower.png
Medium Objects (17) - 100,000 Gold, 1 hour and 30 minutes to clear, 4,000 experience
Decoration - Great Palm.pngObstacle - Palm Tree (ii).pngDecoration - Owl Statue.pngDecoration - Flowers.pngDecoration - Mystic Idol.png
Large Objects (9) - 250,000 Gold, 8 hours to clear, 10,000 experience
Obstacle - Jungle Tree.pngObstacle - Melon Tree.pngDecoration - Palm Tree.png

Magma's Land[edit]

Magma's Land.jpg

Home to a legendary volcano, Magma, this island's mystical soil releases a steam that is said to create an ideal environment for hatching dragon eggs.

10,000,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 6,570,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (8) - 40,000 Gold, 60 minutes to clear, 1,600 experience
Small Volcanic Rock (i).pngSmall Volcanic Rock (ii).pngSmall Volcanic Rock (iii).pngSmall Volcanic Rock (iv).png
Medium Objects (15) - 150,000 Gold, 3 hours to clear, 6,000 experience
Medium Volcanic Rock.pngCharred Stump.pngGlowing Stump.pngSmall Pine Tree.png
Large Objects (10) - 400,000 Gold, 16 hours to clear, 16,000 experience
Dead Tree.pngGlowing Dead Tree.pngLarge Pine Tree.pngLarge Volcanic Rock.png

Turtle's Shell[edit]

Turtle's Shell.jpg

An ancient sea turtle slumbers peacefully, unaware of the lush environment sprouted on its back from seeds carried by the waves. Your dragons will be so relaxed here!

25,000,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 13,950,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (10) - 75,000 Gold, 1 hour and 30 minutes to clear, 3,000 experience
Decoration - Driftwood.pngDecoration - Sea Stone.pngObstacle - Barnacles.png
Medium Objects (12) - 250,000 Gold, 5 hours to clear, 10,000 experience
Decoration - Weathered Stone.pngDecoration - Seaweed Stone.pngDecoration - Clam Rock.pngDecoration - Fungus Rock.pngDecoration - Rusty Anchor.pngDecoration - Buried Anchor.png
Large Objects (17) - 600,000 Gold, 20 hours to clear, 24,000 experience
Decoration - Starfish Rock.pngDecoration - The Plank.pngObstacle - Looted Chest.pngDecoration - Viking Shipwreck.pngDecoration - Ship's Hull.png

Tranquil Garden[edit]

Tranquil Garden.jpg

Long forgotten, this garden's quiet is only broken by the singing of birds and the gentle rustle of wind in the trees. A little care could sprout some new wonders here!

50,000,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 104,000,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (20) - 250,000 Gold, 2 hours to clear, 10,000 experience
Decoration - Golden Shrub.png Decoration - Little Green Shrub.png Decoration - Prayer Stone Pile.png Decoration - Small Cherry Blossom Tree.png
Medium Objects (12) - 750,000 Gold, 7 hours to clear, 30,000 experience
Decoration - Cherry Blossom Tree.png Decoration - Maple Tree.png Decoration - Meditation Stone.png Decoration - Small Tranquility Tree.png Decoration - Tranquility Tree.png
Large Objects (36) - 2,500,000 Gold, 1 day to clear, 100,000 experience
Decoration - Big Tranquility Tree.png Decoration - Bodhi Tree.png Decoration - Serenity Garden.png

Polar Rock[edit]

Polar Rock.jpg

Polar Rock's harsh climate might seem discouraging at first glance, but some warm-hearted dragons can surely melt the ice to discover what treasures lie beneath.

150,000,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 481,800,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (12) - 150,000 Gold, 2 hours and 30 minutes to clear, 6,000 experience
Decoration - Tiny Fir Tree.png Decoration - Mini Snowman.png Decoration - Rocky Fragment.png Decoration - Tiny Stump.png Decoration - Snowy Stone.png
Medium Objects (36) - 5,000,000 Gold, 9 hours to clear, 200,000 experience
Decoration - Small Fir Tree.png Decoration - Jagged Rock.png Decoration - Frosty Stump.png Decoration - Frozen Log.png Decoration - Icy Stone.png Decoration - Winter Shrub.png
Large Objects (20) - 15,000,000 Gold, 1 day and 6 hours to clear, 600,000 experience
Decoration - Big Fir Tree.png Decoration - Frozen Pine.png Decoration - Twin Pines.png Decoration - Medium Fir Tree.png

Hatchling's Playpen[edit]

Hatchling's Playpen.jpg

This ancient island was used as a playpen by the great dragon Chronos when it was but a hatchling. Chronos has since left the island to live on the mountaintop above the Mystic Cave, but it still looks fondly upon the island, now and again.

200,000,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 578,160,000 to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (12) - 180,000 Gold, 3 hours to clear, 7,200 experience
Decoration - Dice.png Decoration - Li'l Viking Dolly.png
Medium Objects (36) - 6,000,000 Gold, 10 hours to clear, 240,000 experience
Decoration - Juggling Balls.png Decoration - Red Cube.png Decoration - Block Bush.png Decoration - Little Fake Rock.png Decoration - Striped Block.png Decoration - Big Fake Rock.png Decoration - Little Toy Tree.png Decoration - Big Toy Tree.png
Large Objects (20) - 18,000,000 Gold, 1 day and 12 hours to clear, 720,000 experience
Decoration - Bouncy Balls.png Decoration - Lost Choo Choo.png Decoration - Wooden Blocks.png Decoration - Little Block Tree.png Decoration - Big Block Tree.png

Mystic Heights[edit]

Mystic Heights.jpg

Floating high above the endless sea, Mystic Heights is an island of adventure calling to the bravest Dragon Trainers to come and explore.

250,000,000 Gold is needed to unlock this island and a total of 681,600,000 Gold to completely clear it of obstacles.

Small Objects (12) - 200,000 Gold, 3 hours and 30 minutes to clear, 8,000 experience
Decoration - Periwinkle Fern.pngDecoration - Rubbery Cactus.png
Medium Objects (36) - 7,200,000 Gold, 11 hours to clear, 288,000 experience
Decoration - Stepping Stone.pngDecoration - Wishing Stone.pngDecoration - Wishing Rock.pngDecoration - Spiny Brier.pngDecoration - Otherworldly Sprout.pngDecoration - Grasping Leaves.pngDecoration - Mesmerizing Fountain.pngDecoration - Wonder Flower.png
Large Objects (20) - 21,000,000 Gold, 1 day and 18 hours to clear, 840,000 experience
Decoration - Wishing Boulder.pngDecoration - Curlicue Tree.pngDecoration - Dreaming Tree.pngDecoration - Fae Tree.pngDecoration - Mystical Tree.png


Island Cost Total Obstacles Total Clearing Cost Total Experience
Main Island[1] Free 44 Obstacles 297,000 Gold 11,880 Experience
Distant Marsh 300,000 Gold 43 Obstacles 1,680,000 Gold 67,200 Experience
Faded Earth 2,500,000 Gold 41 Obstacles 3,520,000 Gold 140,800 Experience
Lost World 5,000,000 Gold 37 Obstacles 4,280,000 Gold 171,200 Experience
Magma's Land 10,000,000 Gold 33 Obstacles 6,570,000 Gold 262,800 Experience
Turtle's Shell 25,000,000 Gold 39 Obstacles 13,950,000 Gold 558,000 Experience
Tranquil Garden 50,000,000 Gold 68 Obstacles 104,000,000 Gold 4,160,000 Experience
Polar Rock 150,000,000 Gold 481,800,000 Gold 19,272,000 Experience
Hatchling's Playpen 200,000,000 Gold 578,160,000 Gold 23,126,400 Experience
Mystic Heights 250,000,000 Gold 681,600,000 Gold 27,264,000 Experience
Grand Total 692,800,000 Gold 509 Obstacles 1,875,857,000 Gold 75,034,280 Experience
  1. Including the smaller island attached to it.


The number in parentheses represents the total occupiable tile space.

Main Island (919) Distant Marsh (668) Faded Earth (732)
Main Island - Grid.png Distant Marsh - Grid.png Faded Earth - Grid.png
Lost World (382) Magma's Land (377) Turtle's Shell (904)
Lost World - Grid.png Magma's Land - Grid.png Turtle's Shell - Grid.png
Tranquil Garden (902) Polar Rock (936) Hatchling's Playpen (958)
Tranquil Garden - Grid.png Polar Rock - Grid.png Hatchling's Playpen - Grid.png
Mystic Heights (936)
Mystic Heights - Grid.png

Habitat Space[edit]

The table below shows the maximum number of buildings with a 6x6 square size that can fit on each island. Habitats Levels 5 and 6, Boss Habitats and all the unupgradable ones, have this size.

Island Space
Main Island 19
Distant Marsh 15
Faded Earth 16
Lost World 9
Magma's Land 7
Turtle's Shell 18
Tranquil Garden 25
Polar Rock 26
Hatchling's Playpen 26
Mystic Heights 26


Island Visit.jpg

Trainers have the option to visit each other's islands for mostly aesthetic reasons. During a visit, the Trainer can select most of the objects present on another Trainer's islands, but will not be able to interact with them. Selecting an object will bring up its name and, when applicable, its level.

Also during a visit, the name of the visited Trainer, along with their current active badge, level, avatar, and their VIP Level (if their VIP Status is active) will be shown. The visiting Trainer will then have the option to compare their Dragon collection Compare Button 2.png to that of the visited Trainer. Once the visited Trainer has at least one badge the visiting Trainer will also have the possibility to see All Badges Button.png the visited Trainer has managed to obtain.

Lastly, under the name of each Trainer, a very long string of characters composed of numbers and letters can be seen whose purpose is that of allowing Gameloft to better investigate that Trainer when needed, such as in the case of misbehavior of cheating.

The ways to visit a Trainer's islands are by using the Visit Button.png button through the:

Visiting a Trainer's islands is one of the quests that can be given by mentors.

Noteworthy Changes[edit]