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High & Dry (18/09/06)

From Dragon Mania Legends Wiki

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Special Event Generic Banner.jpg
Solo Events are events in which participants race against the clock and complete various tasks in order to win numerous prizes.
Started 6 September 2018
Ended 10 September 2018
Duration 4 Days
Type Solo
Tiers 7
Grand Prize
All (except Android CHN) Raincoat Dragon Raincoat Dragon Icon.png
Android CHN Block Dragon Block Dragon Icon.png

Rewards & Timetable[edit]

The amount of Gold rewarded depends on the Trainer's Level. See Level Modifier for more information.

Tier Reward Estimated Minimum
Completion Time
Estimated Time
until Event Completion
Tier 1 5 Gems 1 hour and 40 minutes 2 days, 12 hours and 32 minutes
Tier 2 Cloud Dragon Cloud Dragon Icon.png 2 hours 2 days, 10 hours and 52 minutes
Tier 3 (80,000*ModifierGold 3 hours and 12 minutes 2 days, 8 hours and 52 minutes
Tier 4 Legendary Habitat 5 hours and 52 minutes 2 days, 5 hours and 40 minutes
Tier 5 Lightning Dragon Lightning Dragon Icon.png 10 hours 1 day, 23 hours and 48 minutes
Tier 6 25 Gems 15 hours 1 day, 13 hours and 48 minutes
Tier 7 Raincoat Dragon Raincoat Dragon Icon.pngN
Block Dragon Block Dragon Icon.pngN
22 hours and 48 minutes 22 hours and 48 minutes


An explanation of the requirements for an item can be seen by tapping on the Information Button.png button. Item collection has a base pool from which item collection is taken. The pool consists of the maximum number of items that can ever be collected at one time. Each tier begins with the base pool being available for collection. From that point, each item has an internal cooldown time until the next item can be obtained. The cooldown time is set for individual item collection up to the maximum accumulatively. This means that items can be collected at a rate of 1 per cooldown time or collect total pool once time has been exceeded for the pool without collecting any items. The cooldown times are also visible by two methods in-game. The first method is seen briefly on a notification upon collecting the last item available in a pool. The second method is by viewing the event screen where times for next available collection are shown under each item required.


There are two methods for collecting items. For instance, if one had a required task of collecting 20 Food and the cooldown was 1 minute with a pool of 10, one could collect 10 at the beginning of the tier and then:

  • 1 item every 1 minute OR
  • 10 items every 10 minutes. By figuring out and waiting total pool time before collecting, the whole pool will become available for collection. [1 minute (cooldown) x 10 (pool)= 10 minutes]

The Recommended column lists the quickest way to fulfill the requirements. The item for each tier which takes the longest time to complete has the Total Pool Cooldown section highlighted with a yellow background. Being the item responsible for the minimum completion time of their tier, it is recommended that Trainers focus on these times.

Tier # Item Requirement Recommended Estimated Cooldown Per Item Pool Total Cooldown Per Pool Gems to Skip
Tier 1

Gems Icon.png

16   Item - Backpack.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 1 Minute 8 8 Minutes 3 per Backpack
15   Item - Pencil.png Feed Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 10 Minutes 5 50 Minutes 3 per Pencil
30   Item - Eraser.png Catch Creatures Tap the Flying Creature - Gift.png on-screen 2 Minutes 20 40 Minutes 3 per Eraser
Tier 2

Cloud Dragon Icon.png

2     Item - Calculator.png Hatch Dragons Fire Dragons 25 Minutes 1 25 Minutes 3 per Calculator
20   Item - Highlighter.png Collect Food Spiky Cherry 8 Minutes 5 40 Minutes 3 per Highlighter
6     Item - Notebook.png Win Battles Normal Mode - Quest 1 13 Minutes 3 39 Minutes 3 per Notebook
Tier 3

Gold Icon.png

14   Item - Pencilcase.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 10 Minutes 2 20 Minutes 3 per Pencilcase
16   Item - Ruler.png Win Battles Normal Mode - Quest 1 16 Minutes 4 1 hour and 4 Minutes 3 per Ruler
80  Item - Scissors.png Catch Creatures Tap the Flying Creature - Gift.png on-screen 1 Minute 15 15 Minutes 3 per Scissors
Tier 4

Legendary Habitat.png

20   Item - Backpack.png Collect Food Spiky Cherry 9 Minutes 5 45 Minutes 3 per Backpack
26   Item - Pencil.png Level Up Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 16 Minutes 4 1 hour and 4 Minutes 3 per Pencil
4     Item - Eraser.png Breed Hybrid Dragons Fire Dragon + Wind Dragon Important Icon.png[1] 35 Minutes 2 1 hour and 10 Minutes 3 per Eraser
Tier 5

Lightning Dragon Icon.png

4     Item - Calculator.png Gift Friends Any Friend None 4 None 3 per Calculator
16   Item - Highlighter.png Feed Dragons Hatched Fire Dragons 33 Minutes 4 2 hours and 12 Minutes 3 per Highlighter
30   Item - Notebook.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 24 Minutes 5 2 hours 3 per Notebook
Tier 6

Gems Icon.png

3     Item - Pencilcase.png Breed Hybrid Dragons Fire Dragon + Wind Dragon Important Icon.png[1] None 3 None 3 per Pencilcase
4     Item - Ruler.png Use Dragon Fury Any Battle None 4 None 3 per Ruler
24   Item - Scissors.png Collect Food Spiky Cherry 45 Minutes 4 3 hours 3 per Scissors
Tier 7
Raincoat Dragon Icon.png
Block Dragon Icon.png
40   Item - Backpack.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 38 Minutes 4 2 hours and 32 Minutes 3 per Backpack
80 Item - Pencil.png Catch Creatures Tap the Flying Creature - Gift.png on-screen 3 Minutes 10 30 Minutes 3 per Pencil
2     Item - Eraser.png Win Battles in the Dungeon Any 30 Seconds 1 30 Seconds 3 per Eraser
  1. 1.0 1.1 Important Icon.png If both Dragons are enchanted, the Leopard Dragon Icon.png Leopard Dragon is a possible outcome. In this case the Smoke Dragon Icon.png Smoke Dragon or Bee Dragon Icon.png Bee Dragon should be used as one of the parents instead.