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See Hatching for more information

The Hatchery is the only place where Dragons can be incubated and hatched. Selecting the Hatchery will bring up the Purchase Egg Button.png option which takes the player to the Dragons tab of the Main Shop where Dragons can be bought or, if available, sent to the Hatchery though the Place Button.png option. Additionally, if there are Dragon eggs in the Hatchery, selecting it will display the icon of the Dragons in their baby form.

Whenever a Dragon is being incubated, its egg will stay still in the nest and underneath it the time remaining until it can be hatched will be shown. The Hatchery displays only the two highest units of time, thus the actual time might slightly differ from the displayed time. The icon of the Dragon will have the Speed-Up Arrow.png icon at its bottom indicating that the incubation time can be skipped in exchange for the amount of Gems indicated at the top of the icon. Pressing the icon in this stage will bring up a window with a close-up shot of the egg, as well as the time remaining until the Dragon can be hatched and the Skip All Button.png button. Pressing this button will speed-up the remaining time allowing the Dragon to hatch from its shell.

Dragons that can be hatched will have their egg jumping in its nest and pressing the icon will bring up a window where the player can crack open the egg and then either place the baby Dragon inside a fitting Habitat or sell it on the spot. If the player chooses to close the window before hatching the egg or choosing either of the last two options, the egg will take up a spot in the Hatchery until one of those two options are chosen.

Whenever the Hatchery has no empty nests and the player tries sending an egg to be incubated, either from the Breeding Den or from the inventory, a notice will pop up, informing the player they have to free some nests before being able to incubate the egg while a text will appear above the baby Dragon if there are no empty, fitting Habitats for the Dragon to be placed in. Additionally, if the player purchases an egg from the Main Shop or from the Dragon Codex while the Hatchery is full, the egg will be sent directly to the inventory.


The Hatchery starts out with one nest and can be upgraded Upgrade Button.png using Gems to increase the number of egg nests so that multiple eggs can be incubated simultaneously.

Hatchery Level Size Eggs Held Gem Cost Experience
Hatchery - Level 1.png 1 5 x 5 1 Dragon Egg Icon.png None -
Hatchery - Level 2.png 2 5 x 5 2 Dragon Egg Icon.png 150 1,660
Hatchery - Level 3.png 3 6 x 6 3 Dragon Egg Icon.png 450 5,000