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Gold Vault

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Gold Vault.png
The Gold Vault allows you to collect all Gold from your habitats with just a single tap on the building, when your VIP membership is active.

The Gold Vault is a building introduced in Update 1.8 that, when selected, allows Trainers to collect Gold from all of their Habitats. It has a size of 5x5 squares and can be purchased in exchange for 25,000,000 Gold. Building the vault takes 5 minutes and yields 1,000,000 Experience Icon.png when finished. It is unlocked when a Trainer reaches Level 6 and can only be built if the Trainer's VIP membership is active, regardless of VIP level. It can not be stored in the inventory Inventory Icon.png. Furthermore, it can only be used while the VIP status is active. When this status is inactive, the Get VIP! Button 2.png button will be shown when selecting the Vault, having the same function as the Information Button 2.png button. The latter also appears when selecting the Vault, regardless if the Trainer's VIP membership is active or not. The Vault can be sold at any time, except while the cooldown is taking place, in exchange for 6,250,000 Gold.

In addition to the above options, selecting the vault will display its most important function, namely the Collect All Gold Button.png button. This button will display the total amount of Gold that can currently be collected from the Habitats. If there is at least one Habitat that has not reached its maximum Gold-storing capacity, the color of the amount will be yellow whereas if all of the Habitats have reached their capacity, the color will be green. After using this option, there is a certain cooldown period that needs to pass before it can be used again. This period of time depends on the Trainer's VIP Level.

VIP Level(s) Levels 1-2 Levels 3-5 Levels 6-8 Levels 9-11 Levels 12-14 Levels 15-16 Levels 17-18 Level 19 Level 20
Cooldown 8 Hours 7 Hours & 30 Minutes 7 Hours 6 Hours 5 Hours 4 Hours 3 Hours 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • Update 3.2 modified the cooldown time for some of the VIP levels.
  • Before Update 3.0, the Gold Vault was available only to Trainers whose VIP level was 6 or higher.