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Gold is the primary in-game currency. It can be earned and used in various ways. Currently, the amount of Gold a user can have is limited to 2,147,483,647. After reaching this amount, Gold will not add up anymore, but will be sent, instead, to the player's Gold Purse Sack of Gold.png in the inventory inventory, from where it can be claimed when needed. The purse can hold unlimited Gold. The main source of obtaining Gold is collecting it from the Habitats in which Dragons reside. There are, however, many other ways through which Gold can be earned.

Earning Gold[edit | edit source]

Method Lowest Amount Highest Amount Notes
Collecting Gold from Habitats 1 75,000 Highest amount based on a single, maximum-leveled Shadow Habitat
Petting Dragons 20 24,000 The amount depends on the Dragon's level
Owning Boss Dragons +10% +200% They do not produce Gold, but speed the income from regular Dragons
Event leaderboards and milestones 500 750,000 Amount depends on the Level Modifier and final ranking/milestone reached
Participating in the Dragon League 100 600,000 Amount depends on the Level Modifier and league
Exploring ruins 1,500 850,000 Amount depends on the ruin and the chest obtained from it
Selling Dragons, buildings and decorations 12 1,250,000 Amount varies for Dragons; for most buildings and decorations, the selling price is 25% of the buying price, while for Habitats it is 25% of the total value of the Habitat
Random treasure chests on the Campaign Map Variable amount
Opening Dungeon chests 44,400 870,000 Amount depends on the Level Modifier
Owned mines in Normal Mode 1 29,000
Winning battles on the Campaign Map 100 2,402,000 Amount varies in accordance to the quest fought
Winning battles in the Clockwork Dungeon 1,500 82,500 Amount depends on the Level Modifier
Milestones for the Totem of Friendship 15,000 750,000 Amount depends on the Level Modifier
Daily Prizes 1,000 300,000 Amount depends on the VIP Status
Daily Quests 7,000 220,000 Amount depends on the player's level range (but not on the Level Modifier)
To-Do-List 110 120,000
Receiving it from friends through gifting 1,000 15,000 Amount depends on the Level Modifier
Playing Otto's Lotto 100 18,750 Amount depends on the Level Modifier and wheel
In exchange for watching videos after winning a battle on the Campaign Map and Clockwork Dungeon Variable amount There is a pre-set number of how many videos can be watched per day
At random after reaching the maximum level 10,000
In exchange for Gems 20,000 45,000,000 Amount depends on the Level Modifier and size of chosen package
Various in-game promotions Variable amount Promotions can be offered either in exchange for Gems or real currency
Gold over the limit is sent to the storage

Spending Gold[edit | edit source]

Method Lowest Amount Highest Amount Notes
Purchasing Dragons 100 1,500,000 Only Base Dragons can be bought with Gold
Purchasing Habitats, Temples, Farms, and other buildings 100 25,000,000
Purchasing decorations 50 5,000,000
Upgrading Habitats, Temples, Farms 2,000 43,500,000
Purchasing islands 300,000 200,000,000
Unlocking ruins 20,000 5,000,000
Unlocking/upgrading the Dragon Academy 2,500 4,000,000
Creating Clans and making changes to them 150,000 1,500,000 The amounts are fixed, the first (lowest) being for changes, the second (highest) for creating
Awakening the second Element of Legendary Dragons 750,000
Growing Food 15 43,200,000 Amount depends on the type of Food and number of selected Farms
Clearing obstacles 500 18,000,000
Training Dragons 200 500,000 Amount depends on the Dragon's level
Training the skills of Dragons 3,000 5,600,000
Refreshing the opponent selection choice in the Enchantment League 1,000 50,000 Amount depends on the league the player is in
Enchanting Dragons 50,000 1,000,000 Amount depends in the Enchantment level
As a requirement in Gold Spending Events 1 Amount depends on the spender

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