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Enchantment Altar

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Enchantment Altar.png

The Enchantment Altar is a building introduced in Update 2.3 as part of the Enchantment feature where players can fuse various Enchantment Materials and use them to enchant their Dragons. It is located on the Main Island next to Chronos. When selecting the Altar, the player can press the Fusion Button.png button to access the section for fusing materials or the Enchant Button.png button to access the section for enchanting Dragons.

The Enchantment Altar sits upon a circular platform of rounded square tiles, in the center of which is a larger, circular tile, and carved into it is a Viking tribal symbol. Around the edge there are two Dragons akin to Chinese dragons, and between them is a large circular display of two disjointed rings - one large gold ring rotating slowly clockwise and a smaller teal ring floating inside of it, rotating counter-clockwise. Beneath this display is a small round altar with upturned feet, which glows a soft teal within its basin.