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Enchantment Altar

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Enchantment Altar.png

The Enchantment Altar is a building introduced in Update 2.3 as part of the Enchantment feature. The Altar is located on the Main Island next to Chronos where it sits upon a circular platform of rounded square tiles, in the center of which is a larger, circular tile, and carved into it is a Viking tribal symbol. Around the edge there are two Dragons akin to Chinese dragons, and between them is a large circular display of two disjointed rings - one large gold ring rotating slowly clockwise and a smaller teal ring floating inside of it, rotating counter-clockwise. Beneath this display is a small round altar with upturned feet, which glows a soft teal within its basin.

The Enchantment Altar can only be used after Enchantment is unlocked through leveling three non-Divine Dragons to Level 16. Inside the Altar, players can fuse various Enchantment Materials and use them to enchant their Dragons. When selecting the Altar, the player can press the Fusion Button.png button to access the section for fusing materials or the Enchant Button.png button to access the section for enchanting Dragons.


Ascending is a unique feature, unlocked at Level 50, that allows players to permanently trade their duplicate Dragons in exchange for Enchantment Materials matching the Elements of the traded duplicate. Ascension can take place by first selecting the Enchantment Altar and then the Ascension Button.png button. In this screen, the rules of ascension can be read after which the next step is pressing the Ascend Dragon! Button.png button in order to proceed to the process itself.

From the selection screen that just appeared, the player is allowed to choose one Dragon from all the duplicates that are currently housed on the islands. Duplicates that are in the inventory must first be hatched and will not appear in the selection screen until then. Dragons that are in the Dragon Vault or are currently busy (breeding, skill training, Elemental awakening and so on) will appear in the selection screen, but will not be eligible for ascension.

The duplicates that appear in the selection screen are always those with the lowest Dragon Level and Enchantment Level. As these are the only two factors taken into consideration when an eligible Dragon is decided by the game, whenever two or more duplicates have the exact same levels, the displayed one will always be given at random. Once a Dragon is chosen, the player will be prompted to confirm the choice through the Yes! Ascend dragon! Button.png button or to infirm it through the No, I want to keep it! Button.png button.

If the choice is confirmed, the ascension process will instantly begin and will last 24 hours and can be sped up through the use of Gems. Since ascending a Dragon is an irreversible process, the same as selling, the ascended Dragon will be permanently removed from the player's game. Once a Dragon has been ascended, the Yellow-Bordered Ascension Icon.png icon will appear above the Enchantment Altar. Selecting the Altar will then give the player a chest Super League Chest.png containing between one and three Enchantment Materials - Card Back.png material cards. In the case of Divine Dragons, the player will receive a separate Enchantment Materials - Divine Card Back.png material card for the Divine Element, right after the material cards for the secondary Elements have been claimed.

The number of material cards and the quality and amount of the Enchantment Materials depend only on the rarity of the Dragon and whether it is marked with Full Set Tag.png in the selection screen or not and no other factor is taken into consideration. The rarer a Dragon is, the higher the chance that more and higher-quality materials will be given. Dragons that are not full set will only give one material card for one of their Elements chosen at random while full set Dragons give material cards for all of their Elements. In the vast majority of cases, only Limited-Time Dragons LTD Icon.png bear the Full Set Tag.png mark. Dragons with hidden Elements need not have their secondary Elements awoken in order for them to count for ascending.

During an ascension, the Enchantment Altar can still be used to fuse materials and enchant Dragons. While fusing materials and enchanting Dragons can also be accessed through other methods other than the Enchantment Altar, ascending can be done only through this building.

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • Update 4.0 introduced ascending, a feature exclusive to the Enchantment Altar.