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Easter Egg Hunt (15/04/02)

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The timid Cottontail Dragon is hiding in its burrow. Lure it out by finding all the items!
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Started 2 April 2015
Ended 9 April 2015
Duration 6 Days & 4 Hours
Type Solo
Tiers 5
Grand Prize Cottontail Dragon Cottontail Dragon Icon.png
Occasion Easter

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 Candy Dragon Icon.png Candy Dragon
Tier 2 Rainbow Dragon Icon.png Rainbow Dragon
Tier 3 Legendary Habitat
Tier 4 Agnes Dragon Icon.png Agnes Dragon
Tier 5 Cottontail Dragon Icon.png Cottontail Dragon

Requirements[edit | edit source]

Each completed action can result in an item. Some actions have higher chances while others are a bit lower. At the same time, after getting an item, there is an internal cooldown time until the next item can be obtained. The cooldowns vary for each action.

The Recommended column lists the quickest way to fulfill the requirements.

Tier # Item Requirement Recommended Estimated Cooldown Gems to Skip
Tier 1 14 Item - Egg 3.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 5 minutes 5 per Egg
10 Item - Chocolate.png Feed Dragons Level 1 Dragons None 5 per Bar
2   Item - Bunny.png Hatch Dragons Fire Dragon 3 hours 10 per Bunny
Tier 2 12 Item - Bouquet.png Collect Food Spiky Cherry 1 hour 10 per Bouquet
15 Item - Egg Candy.png Spend Gold Spiky Cherry None 10 per Bag
3   Item - Basket.png Breed Dragons[1] Fire Dragons 2 hours 20 per Basket
Tier 3 12 Item - Chicken.png Level-Up Dragons Level 1 Dragons None 20 per Chicken
16 Item - Egg 2.png Collect Gold Any Habitat 25 minutes 10 per Egg
8   Item - Bunny.png Win Arena Matches Easy Fights 40 minutes 15 per Bunny
Tier 4 10 Item - Chocolate.png Spend Gold Spiky Cherry None 10 per Bar
12 Item - Basket.png Explore Ruins[2] Mystic Cave 1 hour 15 per Basket
10 Item - Egg.png Use Dragon Fury Normal Mode 1 hour 15 per Egg
Tier 5 18 Item - Egg Candy.png Collect Food Spiky Cherry 1 hour 10 per Bag
5   Item - Egg 2.png Breed Dragons[1] Fire Dragons 3 hours 20 per Egg
18 Item - Bunny.png Win Arena Matches Easy Fights 1 hour 15 per Bunny
  1. 1.0 1.1 The item will be rewarded when the breeding starts (upon tapping the breed button). The item will not always be obtained.
  2. The item will be rewarded upon opening the treasure chest from an explored ruin, therefore being possible to start the exploration before the objective is required. The item will not always be obtained.

Tiers[edit | edit source]