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Dungeon Tokens

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Dungeon Tokens Icon.png

Dungeon Tokens is the currency introduced in Update 1.3 as part of the Clockwork Dungeon feature. They are used for purchasing exclusive Dungeon Dragons and decorations in the Dungeon Shop.

The only way to obtain Tokens is by winning battles in the Dungeon and by opening the Dungeon Chest(s) if all six battles are won. Dungeon Chests offer the most amount of Tokens, but they are not awarded if a Dragon is, instead, found insisde. The Dungeon resets every 24 hours, thus Tokens can be earned each day. Between 20 and 200 Dungeon Tokens are given for each battle won and between 444 and 653 Tokens are given per Dungeon Chest.

Dungeon Token Multiplier[edit]

Dungeon Token Multiplier.png

The number of Tokens won in each battle can be doubled with the purchase of the Dungeon Token Multiplier. The multiplier costs 35 Gems and will last for 2 days. The duration of the multiplier is extended by the VIP LLevel of a Trainer: levels 5 to 10 extend it by 4 hours, levels 11 to 13 extend it by 8 hours, levels 14 to 17 extend it by 10 hours, levels 18 and 19 extend it by 12 hours and Level 20 extends it by 18 hours. The multiplier does not double the Tokens received from Dungeon Chests. Pressing the Dungeon Token Multiplier Button.png button while inside the Dungeon will bring up an information window that will show the description for the multiplier and how long its effect lasts once activated. Pressing the Buy button inside this window will activate the multiplier once the cost is paid. Pressing the Activate VIP button will bring the Trainer to the screen where they can purchase VIP Tickets.

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • Update 3.2 added additional VIP Levels which, in turn, modified the duration of the Dungeon Token Multiplier.
  • Update 1.8 introduced VIP Levels which, from a certain point, extend the duration of the Dungeon Token Multiplier.