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Dragon Academy

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See Skills for complete details about the skills of Dragons

Dragon Academy Dilapidated.png Dragon Academy - Level 1.png Dragon Academy - Level 2.png Dragon Academy - Level 3.png Dragon Academy - Level 4.png Dragon Academy - Level 5.png Dragon Academy - Level 6.png

The Dragon Academy is a school Dragons can attend to gain special fighting skills or increase their knowledge of the ones they already possess. The size of this building is 6x6 squares, regardless of its level. Only Dragons that are Level 4 or higher are able to attend the Academy.

Selecting the Academy in its ruined state and then pressing the Rebuild Button.png button will bring up one of two windows. If the player has not rescued Professor Hogwin by beating Quest 5 (Gargoyle Peninsula) in Normal Mode, the window will inform the player that they need to defeat it to rescue Hogwin before they can rebuild the Academy (pressing the Go Now! Button.png button will take the player to the required quest). Once Quest 5 is beaten, the window will display the cost and time needed to rebuild the Academy, giving the player the option to rebuild it instantly in exchange for Gems or in exchange for Gold by using the Rebuild Button (Academy).png button.

Once rebuilt, the Academy can be used to teach skills to Dragons. The Dragon Academy has five additional level upgrades that are unlocked as the player progresses in level. Each Academy level coincides with the level of training a Dragon can receive. Therefore, if the Academy has only been increased to Level 4, the Dragons can only learn four levels of a skill.

After selecting the Academy, pressing the Train Skill Button.png button will bring up the selection screen. Dragons that are eligible for skill training are shown on the selection screen, in decreasing order, by Level. Dragons that are in the Dragon Vault or are preoccupied with breeding, Elemental awakening, exploring ruins or other similar processes can not be chosen.

In the selection screen, the player can filter the Dragons by one specific Element or by All Icon.png (the default view). Sending Dragons to the Academy can also be done by selecting a Dragon in their Habitat, opening their Codex Entry and then pressing the Academy Button.png button. This button does not appear if the Dragon Vault is present on the player's islands.

After choosing an eligible Dragon, the player will be shown the level(s) of the Dragon's current skill(s), information on what each skill does (as well as the cost and time needed to upgrade it), the current number of Scrolls the player has, the Back Button.png button (which will take the player to the selection screen when pressed), and either the Unlock Button (Academy).png button for Elements that have no skill level or the Upgrade Button (Academy).png button for Elements whose skill level is at least 1.

If the skill level of the Element is 5, the player will instead be shown the Choose Your Mastery! Button.png button. When pressed, it will take the player to the mastery screen to choose between one of two available masteries by pressing the Upgrade Button (Academy).png option underneath the one they prefer. Should the player wish to change the mastery of a Dragon to another one, they can head to the same screen and press the Switch Skill Button.png button. This will bring up the window with both skills, where the current skill has the Current Skill (Grayed Out) Button.png button underneath it and the other skill has the Switch Button.png button. Switching the skill is done instantly.

When a skill is finished being unlocked or upgraded, the Yellow-Bordered Academy Icon.png icon will be shown atop the Academy. Selecting the Academy (tapping the icon) will bring up a window that briefly explains the Dragon's unlocked or upgraded skill and closing it can be done using the Wow, thanks! Button.png button.

Skill Tree.png
Dragon Academy Icon.png Academy Level Player Level Building Cost Time Skill Level Unlocked Experience
Level 1 Level 4 2,500 Gold 1 hour Level 1 100
Level 2 Level 8 40,000 Gold 3 hours Level 2 1,600
Level 3 Level 10 400,000 Gold 5 hours Level 3 16,000
Level 4 Level 12 1,000,000 Gold 8 hours Level 4 40,000
Level 5 Level 14 2,000,000 Gold 10 hours Level 5 80,000
Level 6 Level 16 4,000,000 Gold 15 hours Mastery 160,000

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

  • Update 3.0 changed the {{i|Yellow-Bordered Exclamation Icon.png|20px]] icon with the [[File:Yellow-Bordered Academy|i|20}} icon.
  • Update 1.5 gave the player the option to reposition the Academy. Prior to this update, it was an immovable building.
  • Update 1.1 increased the costs for upgrading the Academy.