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Dinnertime! (15/01/09)

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Feed your dragons by using as much Food as you can.
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Started 9 January 2015
Ended 12 January 2015
Duration 2 Days & 16 Hours
Type Feeding
First Prize Ash Dragon Ash Dragon Icon.png

This event was the very first Feeding Event to take place in the game.

Progress Rewards[edit | edit source]

Score 1,000 5,000 10,000
Reward Gold Icon.png 5,000 Scrolls Icon.png 3 Gems Icon.png 5

Leaderboard Prizes[edit | edit source]

Position Prizes
1-3 Dragon Egg Icon.png Ash Dragon
4-10 Food Icon.png 15,000 Gold Icon.png 200,000 Scrolls Icon.png 5
11-25 Food Icon.png 10,000 Gold Icon.png 150,000 Scrolls Icon.png 2
26-50 Food Icon.png 7,500 Gold Icon.png 75,000
51-100 Food Icon.png 5,000 Gold Icon.png 25,000
101-500 Food Icon.png 2,000 Gold Icon.png 10,000
501-1000 Food Icon.png 1,000