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Daily Tasks

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This page is currently under maintenance for a short period of time, following the recent redesign.
Daily Quests Icon.png
Introduced in their original form in Update 1.4, Daily Tasks are six various quests that may be completed throughout a 24-hour period in exchange for three different rewards. Accessing them is done through their button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Campaign Map screen or through the To-Do-List Tab.png tab located in the left-hand side of the main screen. Daily Tasks reset each day at 03:00 UTC.
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Players receive experience each time they complete a task. There are three different milestones, each one being reached when two tasks are completed. The first milestone rewards the player with (1,000*Level Modifier) Food, the second milestone rewards the player with (10,000*Level Modifier) Gold and the third and final milestone awards a card pack with a Dragon Piece for either the Foxglove Dragon or the Scout Dragon (50% chance).

Noteworthy Changes[edit]

Update 3.8

The Daily Tasks were completely redesigned in this update and were previously known as Daily Quests or Daily Missions. Accessing them was done only through their button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Campaign Map screen and they were unlocked after beating Quest 20 (Steam City) in Normal Mode. The various tasks that could have been completed throughout a 24-hour period rewarded the player with trophies Silver Trophy Icon.png. Collecting a certain number of trophies each day yielded rewards.


There were three categories of Daily Quests:

Dueling Dragons Button.png
  • Dueling Dragons: Dueling Dragons required the player to defeat a random selection of Dragons in varying amounts. Pressing the Go Button.png button underneath a Dragon's snapshot lead the player to a quest on the Campaign Map where it could be battled, however battling at that location was not mandatory. A specified Dragon could be defeated anywhere it appeared on the Campaign Map, the Clockwork Dungeon, or the Dragon League. Once a listed Dragon was defeated, it received a check-mark beside its icon. Each Dragon might have been needed to be defeated up to three times. Once all specified Dragons had been defeated, four trophies were received if the player had beaten Quest 44 (The Bob) in Normal Mode. Otherwise, only three trophies were received. Dueling Dragons offered the largest reward of trophies but required a higher amount of tasks to be completed.
Divide and Reconquer Button.png
  • Divide and Reconquer: Divide and Reconquer required the player to defeat specified Side Quests. Both of the two varying Side Quests chosen from the Normal Mode had to be defeated. Pressing the Go Button.png button lead the player to the quest needing completion. In Heroic Mode, when attempting to access a required Side Quest through the Daily Quests window, the player was taken to the Normal Mode, to the specified quest. Completing each quest with three stars was not necessary. Once both Side Quests had been liberated, the player received one trophy. The Divide and Reconquer task offered the lowest reward of trophies but was, generally, the least difficult to complete.
Daily Challenge Button.png
  • Daily Challenge: Daily Challenge required the player to complete a specified challenge. Challenges included defeating Dragons with weak attacks, defeating Dragons with strong attacks, landing a certain amount of perfect hits, or using Dragon Fury. These quests could be completed through any method of battle. Once the challenge had been completed, the player received two trophies. Daily Challenge offered a moderate reward and was a wild card in regard to completion, relying on the player's skill and experience.
Quest Completed Notification.png

Completing a Daily Quest from each category was not required. Daily Quests could be completed multiple times, or skipped Skip Button.png for Gems. Once the maximum number of eight trophies had been reached, Daily Quests could no longer be completed until they reset the following day.

From the Daily Quests, the shop for buying card packs could be accessed through the Card Packs Button 2.png option.


Rewards were received through collecting trophies. Once a trophy checkpoint had been reached, a reward was received. The rewards for the first trophy checkpoint alternated between Gold, Food, Scrolls and a Gem. On reaching the second and the final checkpoints, the player was rewarded with a Gift Chest and a One-Card Pack, respectively.

Quest Progress Notification.png
Reward for 3 Trophies Reward for 5 Trophies Reward for 8 Trophies
Received Reward: Food, Gold, Scrolls, or a Gem*
Daily Mission - Checkpoint 1.png
Received Reward: Gift Chest
Daily Mission - Checkpoint 2.png
Received Reward: Card Pack
Daily Mission - Checkpoint 3.png

* Only ONE of the following was received. Rewards varied daily per player.

First Checkpoint Rewards[edit]

The rewards for the first checkpoint depended on a minimum player level without being affected by the Level Modifier.

Level 1 20 30 40 50
Possible Reward Food Icon.png 750
Food Icon.png 1,000
Food Icon.png 2,000
Food Icon.png 2,500
Gold Icon.png 7,000
Gold Icon.png 8,000
Gold Icon.png 10,000
Scrolls Icon.png 1
Gems Icon.png 1
Food Icon.png 4,000
Food Icon.png 5,000
Food Icon.png 7,500
Food Icon.png 8,000
Gold Icon.png 20,000
Gold Icon.png 25,000
Gold Icon.png 30,000
Gold Icon.png 10,000
Scrolls Icon.png 1
Scrolls Icon.png 2
Gems Icon.png 1
Food Icon.png 6,000
Food Icon.png 8,000
Food Icon.png 9,500
Food Icon.png 10,000
Gold Icon.png 40,000
Gold Icon.png 50,000
Gold Icon.png 60,000
Gold Icon.png 62,500
Scrolls Icon.png 1
Gems Icon.png 1
Food Icon.png 10,000
Food Icon.png 12,000
Food Icon.png 15,000
Food Icon.png 16,000
Gold Icon.png 80,000
Gold Icon.png 85,000
Gold Icon.png 100,000
Scrolls Icon.png 1
Scrolls Icon.png 2
Gems Icon.png 1
Food Icon.png 15,000
Food Icon.png 18,000
Food Icon.png 23,000
Food Icon.png 25,000
Gold Icon.png 150,000
Gold Icon.png 175,000
Gold Icon.png 200,000
Gold Icon.png 220,000
Scrolls Icon.png 1
Scrolls Icon.png 2
Gems Icon.png 1
Updates 2.8 - 3.2

Update 3.2

  • The Golden Trophy Icon.png icon was replaced with the Silver Trophy Icon.png icon.

Update 2.8

  • The aspect of notifications were altered to be more noticeable.
Daily Quests - Puzzles.png
  • Prior to Update 2.3, the Dragons below could be obtained by receiving Puzzle Pieces Puzzle Icon.png for completing the Daily Quests for that day. The Puzzle Pieces could also be bought for 35 Gems each through the Get Mystery Puzzle Piece Button.png option. Each Dragon had to be obtained in order before the next one could be, but once all three were obtained, they were offered as prizes again, albeit in a random order. Starting with Update 2.3, these Dragons can now be obtained from card packs. In addition, the reward for obtaining 5 trophies was similar to the one for 3 trophies.
    • The Puzzle Prizes Button.png button was used to access the collection of Puzzle Pieces for each of the three prizes. Starting with this update, it has been replaced by the Card Packs Button 2.png button.
Old Prizes
Previous Puzzle Collections Version
Puzzle Number Dragon

20 Pieces

Cookie Dragon
Cookie Dragon.png

20 Pieces

Kangaroo Dragon
Kangaroo Dragon.png

20 Pieces

Piggy Bank Dragon
Piggy Bank Dragon.png