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Cosmic Creations (19/01/18)

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During the event, you can get the awesome COSMOS DRAGON by using its parents in the Breeding Den!
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Started 18 January 2019
Ended 28 January 2019
Duration 10 Days
Type Chain Breeding
Grand Prize Cosmos Dragon Cosmos Dragon Icon.png


The main objective, namely the Cosmos Dragon, can be obtained by first breeding for its first parent, the Water Dragon, and then subsequently breeding it with the second parent, the Icefeather Dragon.

The first parent must be bred for by mating the Boiling Dragon with the Ice Dragon. The second parent can only be obtained through the Flying Solo event.


Boiling Dragon.png

Boiling Dragon

Water Dragon.png

Water Dragon

Ice Dragon.png

Ice Dragon

Cosmos Dragon.png

Cosmos Dragon

Icefeather Dragon.png

Icefeather Dragon
Reward of Flying Solo event