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Clan Siege (17/08/07)

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Clan Siege is an event in which participating Clans complete various tasks to earn Spellbooks needed for sprites they then summon which are then used by the Clan Dragon, allowing it to attack the opposing Clan's base.
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Started 7 August 2017
Ended 11 August 2017
Duration 4 Days
Type Clan
Clan Event MVP Icon.png Reward 1,500 Clan Coins Icon.png
First Prize
1 Clan Events - Grand Prize Card Pack.png x Score Multiplier
(Maximum Three)

The requirements and rewards stated in this article are that of Clan League 3, the highest league open at the time of this event, while the Food and Gold rewards belong to the highest level modifier.

Tower Rewards[edit | edit source]

Health 64,000 68,000 72,000 76,000 120,000
Reward Chest of Gold.png 112,500 Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png 2 (3 x Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png) Clan Events - Milestone Card Pack.png 2 (3 x Segment Dragon Cards Icon.png) Chest of Food.png 11,250 Chest of Gems.png 5

Victor Reward[edit | edit source]

For each score multiplier, up to a maximum of three, a card pack is awarded containing Dragon Pieces for Clan Dragons, with the exception of Kutter and Boone.