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Egg - Dragon


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CDP Icon - Gold.png Boosts Gold production by 15%
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Base & Power Stats

Type Uncommon
Duration 2 Hours
Cooldown 1 Day
Unleash Cost 500 Clan Coins Icon.png or 1 Clan Dragon Power Token Icon.png


Availability Clan-Exclusive Dragon
Method Community Hatching
Cost Free
Hatchings Required 50
Breeding Time Unbreedable
Hatching Time 1 Hour


Chip is bicipital-style.


Chip is a Clan-Exclusive Dragon and can be obtained after it has been hatched a total of 50 times by the members of a Clan. It does not need to be acquired by collecting matching Dragon Pieces as it is given for free.

Hatching one egg takes 1 hour. Time reduction does not apply to Clan Dragons, regardless if the user is VIP Level 2 or higher.


When Chip is selected to be the current active Dragon in the Clan, it increases the Gold production of all Gold-producing Dragons by 15% for the player activating its power. The effect lasts 2 hours and the power can be unleashed in exchange for 500 Clan Coins or for 1 Clan Dragon Power Token.

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